Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Outfit Round Up: Kimberley

The year is almost at a close and it's been a good one. 2013 was the year this wee blog was started and it's been so much fun. I know it's encouraged me to be more adventurous with fashion and I've enjoyed setting little challenges and working as part of a team. There are lots of ideas to be tried in 2014 but before that begins here's a little round up of some outfit highlights from the past year. To mix it up a bit I've decided to pick my top 6 favourites from Kimberley's back catalog and she'll do the same for me later in the week. 

This first lot feature a lot of black and white, no doubt influenced by my own love of monochrome, but it really is a combination that works on Kim. The first of these looks is, unsurprisingly, from our monochrome challenge. Vertical stripes create a super flattering shape and I love how the tailored items are mixed with a casual tee. Plus those boots, I want them so bad! The second outfit is so very glam! Worn for her hen do, I know Kim felt awesome in it and this confidence definitely shows. The third, smart floral look, is simple but striking and showed that plain black trousers don't have to be dull.

This second lot show a bit more colour but it seems obvious that I prefer winter dressing to summer outfits, since I've only picked one image from the warmer months. The first is a casual outfit Kimberley wore for some shopping. I like that it's simple but still fun, with the bright green bag and hot air balloon print blouse. The second outfit is fun all over. I love the light blue mixed with pink jeans and polkdots are always a good time. The final outfit is a bit more serious but I still love it and it's granny influences. That coat just looks so cosy.

I wonder what Kim will make of my picks. Which are your favourites?
Have you done a outfit round up? Please share, we love 'em!

Monday, 16 December 2013

What Helen Wore: Xmas Shopping

Christmas Jumper | Ebay
Shirt | Monki
Skirt | H&M
Socks | Topshop
Boots | H&M

My Sunday was spent at a couple of craft fairs picking up some final bits and pieces for Xmas. To make sure I was in the right frame of mind for such a task I dressed appropriately. Now I know every blogger and their Mothers seems to have this Home Alone 2 themed jumper but can you blame us?! It's so fun and it makes everyone smile. I had so many compliments throughout the day and it acts as a super conversation starter.

It's also perfect for my monochrome phase that I am still enjoying. I teamed it with my Monki Come Close shirt and some white socks peeking out the top of my faithful (and filthy) black boots. I added a tiny bit of colour in the form of some red lipstick and festive nails. Oh and my hair of course. I added a bit of Tangerine Dream from Bleach London for extra orangeness. I'm rather pleased with the result since I don't have bleached or even light blonde hair as it recommends. I'll definitely use it again to give a boost between colouring.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Styled by Kimberley: Night Out

 photo Outfit3_zps03180f64.jpg
 photo 678d64eb-9fda-4d9e-8f21-da1a3e762f87_zpsab71eefc.jpg
 photo P1130540_zpsd040579a.jpg

Dress | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | Star by Julian Macdonald
Bag | Accessorize

I'll be honest. This is my least favourite of all our outfit posts. I'm not really a going- out- on- the- town dressing up kind of girl. I'm a ridiculously- overdressed- for- a- casual- daytime- event girl.
Maybe its because I equate this style with "sexy" and I'm kind of, well, dorky. Also, I love fashion but am not that big on beauty so doing my hair and make up are not my bag. However, here I am, dressed up for a night of cocktails and dancing. I do miss my student days of getting ready with the girls so it was fun to get ready- in between my signature Kim's Marzipini cocktails.

The light of this room is not doing the fluffy fuzzy skirt of this dress any justice. It is actually so big and fun in real life. This texture is a nice change from sparkles and sequins and very evening appropriate. I've kept things simple with a bit of beading on m bag and shoes so keep it elegant.
This would be a great New Year's Eve party look if I weren't already going to the Great Gatsby party at Cargo in Edinburgh this Hogmanay:)
 photo P1130532_zpsc10d8b55.jpg photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 9 December 2013

Styled by Helen: Night Out

Dress | TK Maxx
Necklace | H&M
Bag | TK Maxx
Shoes | Dorothy Perkins

Tis the season to get dressed up and hit the town. Yep it's Christmas party time again. I have my work Christmas meal this very Friday but since we have an ugly Xmas jumper theme I have a different outfit planned for that. This outfit is pretty much exactly what I wore for a family wedding in October but I think it works just as well for the festive season. I love the mix of gold and red plus the addition of some odd dashes of glitter make it very Xmas appropriate. Also I am so in love with my knuckle duster bag I am looking for as many excuses to rock it as I possibly can. The only things this outfit is missing to make it completely appropriate for the time of year is a pair of tights and a faux fur jacket. You know, the essentials to make sure I don't freeze to death in the winter weather.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Xmas Wishlists

December is well underway and we are getting mega excited for Christmas! We love decorating our trees and picking presents for everyone. Of course another fun part is putting together our own wishlists to send to Mr Claus. Here is what we are lusting after this year.


1. Like a Bull in a China Shop Scarf | Karen Mabon
It wouldn't be my wishlist if it didn't have something on it by Karen Mabon. She continues to create illustrated items that catch my heart. A girl can never have to many scarves, right?!

2. Popcorn Bag | Choies
Ok this is a rather obvious Charlotte Olympia imitation. I don't normally go for designer rip offs but I am never going to be able to afford the original and, god damn it, I want a popcorn bag! I'm a bad person, I know.

3. Pizza Pennant | Stay at Home Club
I love the Stay at Home aesthetic and ethos, nights on the sofa rule! This little pennant sums up their whole look for me and would fit nicely into my cosy abode.

4. Eyes Drop Earrings | Jennifer Loiselle
I wouldn't normally ask for earrings. I don't have my ears pierced after all. But, luckily, these beauties are also available as clip on. Pat Butcher glam all the way!

5. Flies Fabric Watch | Wholesome Bling
My watch is looking a bit tatty these days and is pretty much crying out to be replaced by this lovely time piece.

6. Drippings Ring | Jung ee eun on Boticca
Shiny, gold and slightly creepy. That's the way I like my jewellery.


1. Leather and Fur Evening Bag | Zara
I first ran my hands over this beaut in store a few weeks ago and I am dying to have it for myself. Apart from the fact it reminds me of a sporran (bonus?), the texture is subtle enough to pair with any evening outfit.

2. Prayer Heels | ASOS
I have been looking for a pair of wear- with- everything heels (to go with the Zara bag) but I really struggle to buy anything black. Or plain. I love pattern! I do however really like pointed toes at the moment and the Perspex heel is another subtle way to have something a bit different without it taking all the attention.

3. Custard Cream Cushion | Nikki McWilliams
I love Nikki McWilliams biscuit themed goodies. I already own a Tunnocks Tea Cake cushion but I’m starting to feel it might be getting a bit lonely (with the ELEVEN other cushions adorning my two sofas) because it needs a biscuity pal. So, if you see my husband, please mention this cushion cruelty so that I  the  tea cake can have a new cushiony friend. Or four.

4. Alchemists Vision Ring | BloodyMary Metal
There is a lot of geometry of Bloody Mary Metal’s designs, which I really like. A lot of them are quite rock’n’roll (unlike me) but others are more delicate and you can really see the craftsmanship in them. I had a hard time deciding because I want them all!

5. Jessie Dress | Rowan Joy
Rowan Joy’s designs are so beautiful (any brides- to- be should check out her bridal gowns). In some ways it is a shame she uses such quality materials because I am allergic to wool! So, alas, this beaut will never be mine :(

6. Cardigan Club | Robbie Porter
This print feels like it was made for me. Ever the dork. I heart it!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Styled by Helen: Casual

Hat | Primark
Scarf | Vintage
Jumper | H&M
Dress | H&M
Boots | H&M
Brooch | Vintage
Ring | Eclectic Shock

Chilly, dark days call out for comfortable and cosy outfits. Here's one of mine, featuring lots of knitwear and layers. Most of which appear to be from H&M. I do like their selection of affordable treats and the fact that their knitwear comes in a variety of colours so I can pick one to suit. This jumper is slightly more green in real life and is one of the very few green items I own. I thought it would be nice to add a bit more of a selection to my wardrobe and have found that this shade does fit in rather well.

The mega ring was a gift from Kimberley for being her Maid of Honour. You may remember I featured a similar one in our post about Funk Fair earlier this year. I love the purple colour and the fact that it is pretty much the same size as my finger. A statement piece indeed!


Monday, 2 December 2013

Styled by Kimberley: Casual

 photo P1130398_zps45d3d3e1.jpg
 photo P1130386_zpsf0ff6b29.jpg
 photo P1130412_zps46532f86.jpg

Jacket | Topshop
Blouse | Zara
Jeggings | H&M
Boots | Office
Rings | Topshop (see also here)
Tiger Bracelet | gift and I can't remember where it is  from!

I have around eight winter coats but not any casual ones to wear, so in October I finally bit the bullet and bought the Topshop one everyone seems to have. It is the only jacket I own that has a hood and I have had a lot of use out of it since I bought it.

I also wanted some kind of plaid shirt but with my curves (read: boobs) and stick arms I had a hard time finding anything that fit. I love the look of this Zara shirt but the material feels surprisingly cheap for them. Also, I had to sew part of it to keep it from gaping at the front but that was to be expected. Still, it looks cute so it's worth it.

 photo P1130406_zpseec4ebb4.jpg
 photo P1130401_zpsc9cb534c.jpg

My favourite piece here is the tiger bracelet, although I can't remember where it's from :(
Helen bought me it because it reminded her of a top I had when I was 15. I wore it all the time.
 It was one of those terrible ugly animal t shirts. The ones that you see around a lot now, so you can appreciate how they are so-ugly-they-are-kinda-genius. Yeah, well in 2001 most people did not get this. I was just too ahead of the times.

God, that thing was ugly.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Styled by Kimberley: Autumn

I find that autumn is the best time for dressing like a granny.

Not yet into the serious knitwear and boots of winter, to me the season means furs and dresses layered over wool tights that pool around my ankles à la Nora Betty. I have many coats but I love the mannish shape of this one against my prim little handbag and heels.

It's a shame you can't really see my cute little polkadot tea dress from Closet but it was a bit chilly for showing it off.

 photo P1130322_zps085ddd1e.jpg
 photo P1130321_zps91027ac3.jpg
 photo P1130326_zpsa568bd49.jpg

 photo P1130324_zps9fb511d5.jpg
 photo P1130329_zps3a827ea9.jpg

Jacket | H! by Henry Holland
Dress | Closet
Tights | Primark
Shoes | charity shop
Bag | Topshop
Hat | Topshop
Ring | Dorothy Perkins

For these darker nights I find myself drawn to black and wearing a deeper lip and nail colour. I've been playing around with half moons too.  At the moment I am keeping my hair loose and natural but one day I will perfect a vintage wave and wear it outside my house!

It's also out of necessity that I wear a hat during this season. And a fuzzy leopard print beret is my number one choice. So good I bought it twice.

 photo P1130332_zps29709520.jpg

Now this granny is ready for any autumnal occasion!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 25 November 2013

Styled by Helen: Autumn

Coat | Topshop
Dress | Dorothy Perkins
Mittens | Monki via ASOS
Shoes | Topshop

Leaves have fallen from the trees and there is definitely a nip in the air. It is well and truly time to get my big coats out of storage and onto my back. Luckly I have this black and white number to keep my monochrome cravings happy. I got this coat in the sale a couple of years ago and it is great for keeping me warm and has the added fun of a detachable fur collar. Great as the temperatures go up and down.

The mittens are a new addition to take me through the cooler months. The eye motif allows for endless amounts of tomfoolery while the fleecy lining keeps my hands nice and toasty. Monki have quite a few fun pairs, I also like these Hands Off ones.