Friday, 31 May 2013

To Do #3

A bit of a graduate themed To Do list this weekend. It's degree show season and it's always a great opportunity to see some fresh new talent.

1. Metamorphosis.
A fashion and textile show from the students at Cardonald College. Saturday 1st June in the central hall of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.
2. They Had Four Years. 
Annual exhibition from Generator Projects featuring work from recent graduates. 19th May - 9th June.
3. Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show.
Exhibition of final year students held within the art school from 1st - 9th June.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Round Up

It's been a busy old month of May. For one thing it's the month we started Wardrobe Conversations. We hope you've been enjoying it so far. Here's a look at what else has been occupying us this month.

Watching - I finally got round to watching Mama. I'm a big fan of horror but unfortunately this film didn't scare me at all. It does have some mighty fine performances from the child actors though, so I'd say it's worth a watch just for that.
Doing - I spent a day looking round the DJCAD Degree Show and fell for pretty much all the jewellery on display. I even took home one of the rings pictured. They're by Kirsty Isla Nicholson, who was one of my favourite jewellers of the show.
Reading - Kimberley very kindly gifted me this book last time I visited her. I've only just started but I'm enjoying it so far.
Buying - I treated myself to some fabulous nail wraps by Joanna Pybus. I can't wait to try them out.

Watching - I don't watch many films but earlier this month I went to see Oblivion. It's basically Tom Cruise running around, driving around and flying around for two hours but it's still quite good. I enjoy any futuristic film- I like the costumes and I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek.
Doing- I have been drinking a lot of cocktails this month. With my sister's 21st birthday, Helen's visit and the recent moments of sunshine I've been indulging (responsibly). This one was my favourite- the 'African Wet Dream' from 52 Canoes Tiki Den in Edinburgh. I was sharing it, of course!
Reading- I'm currently loving Gillian Flynn. Not only did I buy Helen one I read last year, but I also bought myself Sharp Objects. It's a crime novel for people who don't like crime novels- so gripping and ... well, disturbing!
Buying- I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently (not because of the cocktails!) so I treated myself to a dewy fresh face- also known as Clinique Moisture Surge tinted moisturizer and Benefit Erase Paste.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 Ingredients for a Grown Up Sleep Over

Remember the days of sleepovers? Those occasions when you got to have a group of your friends over for the night. You'd get to stay up late, have a midnight feast and play truth or dare. Just because we're grown ups now doesn't mean we need to miss out on those girly fun times. With just a few simple changes a childish past time can be transformed into a grown up girls night in.

1. Cocktails and Wine
Now we're old enough, we can enjoy a few drinks in a responsible and slightly classier manner. We've learned a bit about what constitutes a good wine and what combinations make classic cocktails. It's all done with ladylike flair and some extremely stylish LSA glasses. Just pretend you didn't notice that our cocktails came out of cans.

2. Flashback Films
Now that we're a bit older we have a larger film catalogue to reminisce over. We recommend picking something from the following list:

  • Classic rom-coms - You've Got Mail, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally
  • Childhood favourites - Labyrinth, Wizard of Oz, 
  • Teenage crushes - for us that's Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott in Dude Where's My Car.
  • Current crushes - got to be Ryan Gosling in...well, anything.
  • Girly fashion filled films - Confessions of a Shopaholic, Devil Wear Pranda, Clueless.

3. Goodies, and lots of them
We're in charge of the shopping list so we get to pick what we want. We can go all out on a theme, be healthy with humus and carrot sticks or just pick a selection of our favourite cakes and have our own afternoon evening  tea.

4. Classic Tunes
You've had a few wines and you're in the company of your best girls, it's now time to chill out to some of your favourite tunes from yesteryear. On our playlist you'll find:
TLC | No Scrubs
Wheatus | Teenage Dirtbag
OkGo | Get Over It
The whole of the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

5. Lots to Catch Up On
Something that will never change about sleepovers will be staying up into the wee hours of the morning gossiping. The topics of conversation may have changed- now it's all work, weddings and blogging- but it's always great to catch up. And at least now your mum won't bang on the door and tell you all to keep the noise down.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Styled by Kimberley: Florals

 photo KimFloral10_zps8efc150e.jpg
 photo KimFloral6_zps6ae8d9a1.jpg
 photo KimFloral5_zpsdbb4b333.jpg
 photo KimFloral13_zpsa544a134.jpg

Dress | Oasis
Jacket | H&M
Shoes | Clarks
Bag | Zara
Belt | Dorothy Perkins

I always wear quite preppy outfits so I wanted to put together something much more casual for summer days.

I bought this dress and denim jacket so long ago that I'd pretty much forgotten I had them! There wasn't much of a summer in Scotland last year so they didn't have an outing. Not this year, though! I'm determined to get them out- even if it is on a slightly damp day in May with tights and a bit of a shiver as accessories.

It's a real shame our weather is even wetter than usual because this dress has such a beautiful back to it- I want to show it off!
 photo KimFloral15_zpsc23c2027.jpg

I suppose if the bad weather persists I can still twirl around inside my house wearing it.

 photo KimFloral17_zpsad699417.jpg

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 27 May 2013

Styled by Helen: Florals

Dress | Topshop
Coat | Charity Shop
Boots | Zara
Hairband | Topshop
Necklace | Charity Shop
Watch | Urban Outfitters

Ahh... Scottish summer. You are forever up and down, in the morning the sun is out but by the afternoon it's raining. And so it is that every summer outfit must come with emergency layers. My plans were to wear this flowery dress and hairband combo alone but the chilly breeze meant I had to add my sludge coat to keep a bit of heat in. It's amazing how a coat and boots can completely change the look of an outfit. These additions meant my outfit went from summery to autumnal in a matter of minutes. I then decided it was best to just role with it and added the most wintry necklace I could find. If you're going to mix seasons you may as well combine as many as possible.

Do you have any tips for dressing appropriately for changeable weather? Or are you lucky enough to live in a more steady climate?

Friday, 24 May 2013

To Do #2

Some of us will be enjoying an extra long weekend thanks to the bank holiday. But, even if you don't get that extra day, there are still plenty of things to keep you busy over the weekend.

1. Bizarre Bazaar, Dundee.
Lots of vintage clothing, local craft and contemporary design can be found at the Art Bar on Saturday 25th, 1pm - 5pm.
2. Costume Written Clothing, Glasgow.
An exhibition looking at the language of costume. Runs at Tramway until Sunday 16th June.
3. Zoo Nights, Edinburgh.
A night at Edinburgh Zoo, with added cocktails! Friday 24th May.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Baking: How Not To Make Macarons

Ever wanted to make some poo shaped petit fours?

Seriously, I didn't set out to bake a batch of turds. It was supposed to be chocolate macarons.
I occasionally take a fancy to the notion of being a proper domestic goddess. I bought an apron and everything!

Some things you should know:
1) I'm not a baker (clearly)
2) This is the first time I've attempted macarons and they are quite a tricky thing to master.
3) My kitchen scales are not 100% accurate (so I've added some nice Joseph ones to my Wedding Gift Registry)
4) I own three blenders (food processor, hand held and smoothie maker). And I didn't bother to use any of them. Instead, I thought a little cheat of sieving ingredients would be fine. I was wrong.

I used a recipe I tore out of a very old Fabulous magazine yonks ago. It was a Christmas recipe for dainty chestnut chocolate macarons but only the filling contained chestnuts so it was easy to substitute for chocolate fudge (says she).

The real mistake was that I whipped the eggs to beautiful glossy stiff peaks before putting in the sugar when it should've been added earlier. A rookie error but with no spare eggs it was too late to turn back. Then my rougher, un-blended dry ingredients meant there was a little more elbow grease in the folding than one would like, whipping it all into a sticky bubbled mess.

The article claimed that after piping them you should "tap the tray on the table" to settle them. Mine didn't move an inch. Combined with the grittier paste led to this.. ahem... particular texture rather than that of shiny smooth macarons.

And so, voila!

 photo BakingFail4_zps2a29684c.jpg

Stiff, poop shaped macarons. If I had realised they wouldn't flatten, I really wouldn't have piped out Mr Whippy meringue shapes that could be mistaken for comedy poos. Then I reckon they would've neared success.

I'm trying to kid myself that when they are sandwiched together with some chocolate fudge flavoured icing they are transformed into tasty morsels. And not creepy double- jobbies.

Ah well, they tasted delicious and at least I looked the part! 

 photo BakingFail5_zps23b7ae4d.jpg
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What Helen Wore: Shopping

Coat / Warehouse
Tshirt / Brat & Suzie
Jeans / New Look
Bag and Scarf / H&M
Shoes / Clarks
Cat Ring / Lazy Oaf
Pencil Brooch / Rock Cakes
Pin Badge / Vanilla Ink Kickstarter reward

This is what I wore to do a spot of shopping around Edinburgh. Comfort was key, so I picked my Clarks shoes and some casual separates  I also went for a few easily removed layers to keep me warm while outside but also so I didn't have to faff too much in the changing rooms.

A big handbag is a shopping essential for me. It means I can carry all the crap I need (such as purse, bottle of juice, camera, etc), store those extra layers while in shops and still have room for any purchases. Carrying any new buys in my bag means there's no chance of me leaving them on a train or in a cafe. It's never happened to me yet, but I do like to take preventative measures where ever possible.

Do you have any tips for easy shopping style?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What Kimberley Wore: Shopping

 photo Kim8_zps2df67efb.jpg  photo Kim3_zps79c3eb5f.jpg  photo Kim1_zpsaa011cd3.jpg  photo Kim6_zpsa1bf5bd9.jpg  photo Kim7_zps125cf897.jpg

Blouse / Zara
Jeans / Primark
Shoes / Clarks
Bag / Zara
Scarf / H&M
Rings / Topshop
Nails / No 7  Tangy

I love this simple outfit for a miserable wet and windy day like this one. And it's the perfect recipe for shopping; easy separates for trying on tops with your own bottoms (and vice versa), and slip on shoes. It's all about the turn- around time in the fitting room!

I despise jeans shopping so if I find a pair I like I buy multiples. My sister is the same size as me and introduced me to these Super Skinny jeans- she bought me three pairs. It's the best gift ever but I do think people assume I'm wearing the same pair every day!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 20 May 2013

There's Always Time For Tea

Shopping can be hard work, so a little break to refuel and relax is always welcome. Kimberley had promised to take me to a very cute French style tea room and I was not disappointed. Délices de Mademoiselle is located on Grove Street and has a lovely shabby chic interior. It may be that little bit further away from Edinburgh's main shopping areas but it was definitely worth making the trip.

Everything on the menu was very reasonably priced and there was a great selection of lunch time treats. I opted for a basic tuna sandwich, while Kim went for the fancier Croques Monsieur. I accompanied my lunch with a latte, which came with a straw. A little bizarre but it tasted good. I loved all the little touches, like the antique looking label around the water bottle and the pretty plate of french biscuits in the window.

For afters (there should always be afters) we went all blogger cliché and opted for macarons. We got to pick our choice of flavours and they even came with a side of cream and sprinkles. Sprinkles are always a winner in my book. I can't remember what flavours I opted for but they were both very tasty.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and how friendly this quite tea room was. The food was great value for money and both Kim and I left feeling refreshed and ready for shopping: round 2. More on that tomorrow...

Have you tried Délices de Mademoiselle's? Where are your favourite places to rest and refuel when shopping?

Friday, 17 May 2013

To Do #1

Hey Scottish peeps! Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Here are our picks of what's on around and about:

1. 2.8 Hours Later - Asylum, Glasgow. A fun zombie adventure topped off with a Zombie Disco. Tickets are still available for Saturday 18th May.
2. DJCAD Degree Show, Dundee. Check out the latest talent coming out of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Opens on Friday 17th and runs until 26th May.
3. V for Vintage, Edinburgh. Vintage stalls and retro tunes. Saturday 18th May 12noon - 4.30pm.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Funk Fair

Last weekend the Funk Fair was in town, at Cafe Camino in Edinburgh, and these two ladies couldn't help but skip along and check it out.  There was a great mix of vintage and handmade treats on offer and we had a lot of fun looking around all of the packed stalls. So many bright colours and jazzy patterns!

Each stall offered something different and it was great rummaging in the vintage suitcases and ohhing and ahhing over the pretty jewellery. Helen was especially drawn to the Eclectic Shock stall and loved the large bee ring. While Kimberley was attracted to the beautifully curated vintage stall which featured a rather fabulous flower bag.

While these items didn't quite make their way home with us (unfortunately), we did find some other wonderful wee bargains.

Helen treated herself to this lovely spotty blouse. An absolute bargain at only £3 and it will be perfect for warm summer days (if we ever get any). Kimberley splashed a bit more cash and bought a very cute apron by Mhairi Gray, to help her fulfil her dreams of being a domestic goddess.

As you can see, there's nothing we love more than rifling through piles of clothing and jewellery. But we definitely have two very different styles of searching:

-Helen methodically roots through racks for hidden gems and carefully considers every purchase. And then reconsiders, and then considers some more. Even if it is a £3 shirt. It's very important that each purchase will fit into her wardrobe.

-Kimberley makes a magpie-like beeline for anything patterned or sparkly and sees potential in even the outrageous. Sometimes too outrageous.
Often too outrageous.
She needs to be restrained. This is why she has Helen.

What's your fair shopping style?

 photo Signature2_zpsc571518e.jpg