Thursday, 16 May 2013

Funk Fair

Last weekend the Funk Fair was in town, at Cafe Camino in Edinburgh, and these two ladies couldn't help but skip along and check it out.  There was a great mix of vintage and handmade treats on offer and we had a lot of fun looking around all of the packed stalls. So many bright colours and jazzy patterns!

Each stall offered something different and it was great rummaging in the vintage suitcases and ohhing and ahhing over the pretty jewellery. Helen was especially drawn to the Eclectic Shock stall and loved the large bee ring. While Kimberley was attracted to the beautifully curated vintage stall which featured a rather fabulous flower bag.

While these items didn't quite make their way home with us (unfortunately), we did find some other wonderful wee bargains.

Helen treated herself to this lovely spotty blouse. An absolute bargain at only £3 and it will be perfect for warm summer days (if we ever get any). Kimberley splashed a bit more cash and bought a very cute apron by Mhairi Gray, to help her fulfil her dreams of being a domestic goddess.

As you can see, there's nothing we love more than rifling through piles of clothing and jewellery. But we definitely have two very different styles of searching:

-Helen methodically roots through racks for hidden gems and carefully considers every purchase. And then reconsiders, and then considers some more. Even if it is a £3 shirt. It's very important that each purchase will fit into her wardrobe.

-Kimberley makes a magpie-like beeline for anything patterned or sparkly and sees potential in even the outrageous. Sometimes too outrageous.
Often too outrageous.
She needs to be restrained. This is why she has Helen.

What's your fair shopping style?

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