Monday, 13 May 2013

Hey There!

Hello! We are Helen and Kimberley, two pale, bespectacled best friends from North East Scotland who enjoy fashion, art, tea, vintage fairs, fun fairs, ..all types of fairs!

We first met at high school in Arbroath and our hatred of Physical Education brought us together. We soon bonded over a love of fashion magazines, awful clothing DIYs and our self-imposed limit of one Bacardi Breezer at parties. Our friendship worked because we had the same taste in clothes and different taste in boys. We spent our high school years dreaming of escaping Arbroath to become the next Trinny and Susanna.

That obviously didn't happen.

And now that we live two hours' drive apart, we don't see each other as often. So, we decided that this blog would be the perfect excuse for us to get together and share our style with others.

We are having so much fun making this, and we hope you enjoy it too!


I'm a nerdy English Language graduate living in Edinburgh. I work in education but dream that one day I will actually finish writing my first novel. I'm cursed with a Mean Girls face but I'm actually quite friendly!

knitting, vintage clothing, literature, art, tea parties, baking, shopping, pinterest

Kevin Bacon


I'm a Clothing Design graduate who hasn't made an item of clothing since graduating in 2008. I like to dabble in crafts and have tried my hand at jewellery making, ceramics, accessory design and more. Still waiting for one to stick.

horror movies, cats, bargain hunting, jewellery making


Please note: We do not always wear matching clothes.

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