Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What Kimberley Wore: Stylish Hen Party!

 photo kimdeco7_zpsb7747d65.jpg
As I never stop mentioning, I am getting married in 4 weeks time!
Helen has just put on a fabulous hen party for me- I spent the whole day in a daze, grinning.
The day was split into two parts- ladylike afternoon tea at Hotel Missoni and a murder mystery set in the 1920's.
So I have two outfits to share- don't say I'm not good to you!

First I wore this 50's inspired floral summer dress that I have only worn once before, in this outfit post.
 photo kimdeco4_zpsed07f1a5.jpg
 photo kimdeco5_zpseec8ef86.jpg
dress | Oasis

Second, I wore pretty much the most glamorous outfit of my life- this art deco inspired flapper number. My character was Carrie Onvamping, the elegant socialite with an eye for the older gentleman! I wanted to dress up but I also wanted a real, wearable outfit rather than a costume.
 photo kimdeco1_zps3e1b6cbc.jpg
 photo kimdeco2_zpsaf4ef6bd.jpg
dress | Little Black Dress
headband | New Look
shoes | old Topshop via Ebay
earrings | Accessorize
fur collar | Oasis
gloves & cigarette holder | Costume shop
name badge | made by Helen

This is genuinely the first time I've ever worn fancy dress and gone as a girl. Or anything remotely attractive. Previous costume choices of mine include a pumpkin (not the sexy kind- if there is such a thing!), a robot (ditto), Peter Pan, a pirate, a moustachioed magician.. you get the point. I'm not into "Sexy ...." costumes. I have to say that I felt ultra glamorous in this one though, so perhaps I should dress nicer more often.

This dress is the first one I've ever bought from Little Black Dress. It was risky because I didn't have enough time to return it if it didn't fit. I was impressed by the amount of beading and the weight of the dress for the price- although I left a Hansel & Gretel trail of beads everywhere I went. Also...I probably shouldn't admit this... but there was a problem with the zip so it wasn't actually zipped up. Nothing was caught in it, it was just too stiff and I simply couldn't do it up! I subsequently wore the dress open in the back and took it off as soon as photos and the game was over.

Still, I felt wonderful front on!

 photo kimdeco6_zps46b55755.jpg

No wonder I managed to bag myself a handsome millionaire husband like William Curst, played by Helen:
 photo kimdeco3_zpsd518c9df.jpg
 photo kimdeco8_zps9db43594.jpg
That moustache is a little too realistic for comfort!

There's too much joy from this event to put into one post, so look out for the decorations and Helen's review later this week. Or check out her inspiration post from Monday here.

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg Photographs by Jennifer Harris.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Hen Party Inspiration

I am just about recovered from Kimberley's hen do over the weekend. As Maid of Honour I had the stress privilege of organising the event. My only instructions were no L plates, strippers or willy straws. So, many weeks back, I set to work looking for some alternative hen do inspiration.  Kimberley is all about the vintage glam so I decided to go with a 1920's / Great Gatsby theme . I spent many an evening scouring Pinterest (one of my favourite past times) for decoration ideas and here are some of the images I used as inspiration.

Dress | Shop Lovely
Roaring 20's Party | Hostess with the Mostess
Great Gatsby Party | Georgica Pond
Party Table | Beau and Arrow Events
Mini Champagne Tower | French Wedding Style

Do tune in for more of the Hen Do shenanigans later this week.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Our Top Picks: Beachwear

For any lucky ladies who have holidays booked this year, here's our top picks of beachwear available now:  photo 5745460923317_Green_z1_zpsc361c404.jpeg Urban Outfitters- Tropical high waisted bikini

Like many curvy ladies I buy all my bikinis from Bravissimo, or I'm doomed to the old lady section of BHS. I've tried buying separates before but mixing a size 18 top ith 12 bottoms just seems wrong- and even then it can only be string or the clasp backs are enormous on me. If I could wear any bikini from any shop it would be this one as it ticks all the boxes: large tropical print and classic shape.
 photo beachwear1_zpscdd39196.jpg
Swedish Hasbeens- Papillon Antique Silver Shoes

These shoes will take you from day trip to night life without any fuss. They are effortless and super comfy, and are much more streamlined that some of Swedish Hasbeens other shoes.

 photo Beachwear2_zps248be350.jpg
John Lewis- Anorak Seagulls Towel

Don't forget about an adorable beach towel- perfect for draping over your sun lounger, towelling off by the pool or wrapping around you in the midday sun while you sip a cocktail.

Finally, sunglasses have featured heavily on our wish lists recently. You can find our favourites here and here.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What Kimberley Wore: To The Beach

 photo Kim6_zpsff71083c.jpg
 photo Kim4_zps7e902ce2.jpg
 photo Kim5_zpse7b95da7.jpg

dress | H&M
shoes | Clarks
necklace | Jolly Good
bracelet | Tiffany & Co
ring | Jolly Good
sunglasses | Hilfiger

This week Helen came to visit and we spent the day at a beach in East Lothian. I normally take my dog Fern to this beach on her walks but she was visiting her (dog) mother this week. I did feel like I was betraying her.
We also toured the perimeter of the old power plant, which I've honestly always avoided but Helen was intrigued by it. I felt my insides melting as soon as I was in earshot of its ominous humming. I'm kind of dorky like that, like those people who wear tin foil hat for fear of phone radiation.
Anyway, I'm still enjoying wearing summer clothes I bought two years ago that never saw day light but I bought this H&M dress only last week. It's very simple and chic, and cool of course. In the literal sense. It's a synthetic fabric so I bought it a size too big for extra comfort (read "try not to sweat"). This also means it has a very full skirt which adds shape and interest. I love the way this matching necklace and ring contrast with it.
 photo Kim8_zps98f54c1d.jpg
 photo Kim9_zpsd18a33f9.jpg
I love Helen's jewellery anyway- we both have great taste!- but I've been eyeing this set for a while. The pink element reminds me of rubber pieces from the end of a pencil and it's so tactile. You can buy them here,

We had a cute little picnic by the seaside. Helen took lots of stylish photos of her food but as usual I was too busy stuffing my face!
 photo Kim11_zps4bde73ef.jpg
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 22 July 2013

What Helen Wore: To The Beach

Top | H by Henry Holland
Skirt | H&M (stolen borrowed from Kimberley)
Shoes | Topshop
Necklace | Topshop
Pencil Ring | Me & Zena

Summer seems to be sticking around in Scotland. We've had well over a week filled with sunshine and warmth. Being cooped up at work for most of the time I was very much looking forward to spending some time outside. On Saturday Kimberley and I decided to head to the beach for a mini picnic. Granted it may not be the most picturesque of beaches, what with the disused power station looming over it, but I just think it just makes it more interesting.

It was another hot day so the aim of the game was to be as cool and comfortable as possible. I borrowed this easy to wear jersey skirt from Kim (see it on her here) and teamed it with this fun top covered in beach appropriate swimmers. The cute little pencil ring is a new purchase from Me & Zena which I can't stop wearing.


Friday, 19 July 2013

To Do #8

Welcome to a To Do list fashion special. With the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival starting today there is a lot of great fashion themed fun to be had. Here are our picks.

1. Clements Ribeiro Runway Show and Gala Party. Opening the festival is a presentation of the designers A/W 13 collection at Mansfield Traquair.

2. Future Fashion: Design Market and Runway Show. A chance to see work by emerging designers working in Scotland. Check it out at the City Art Centre on 27th July, we will be.

3. Fashion Scandinavia. An exhibition show casing Scandinavian designers which runs from 19th July - 15th August and can be found at the Danish Cultural Institute.

Edinburgh isn't the only place where fashion is taking over. Vintage Glasgow is part of the Merchant City Festival and features lots of events for those who love vintage style.

1. Vintage 'Great Gatsby' 1920s Fashion Show. A Vintage inspired fashion show using pieces from the House of Fraser A/W 13 collections. City Halls on 28th July.

2. The Vintage Market Place. Grab yourself some vintage frocks at Candleriggs on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July.

3. Vintage Hair and Beauty Salon. Get your hair done for as little as £10 at this pop up salon in the City Halls on 27th and 28th July.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Helen's July Wish List

I have been wishing for way to many things recently and buying far to many of them too. My bank balance can't take it anymore but that won't stop me from creating another wish list full of amazing things I want in my life. I just can't help myself!

Just like Kimberley I have been after a matchy matchy outfit and I may have found my dream twin set. At first I spotted the patterned shirt while browsing on the Monki website, then I looked closer and saw the crazy dog pattern, and then I scrolled down and found the matching skirt. Winning outfit right there.

Another thing that I feel in love with on the Monki website was this white shirt. I have been after a simple white shirt for ages but I just found them all too, well simple. I love the length of this one and fun collar detail means it's not too boring. Monki, how do you know me so well?

What better to go with the above shirt than this awesome Paper Chain People necklace by Sour Cherry. Another simple and fun piece that also comes in white. Maybe I could buy that one as well to wear with the dog shirt? Ok, I'm getting carried away now.

Finally, I fell in love with this mini Paper Bag on Goodforall. It's super cute and made in an environmentally friendly way.

What have you been lusting after lately? Surely I can't be the only one whose eyes are bigger that their bank balance?!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Kimberley's July Wishlist

Summer is in full swing and sunshine strangely makes me want to shop! Here are some things I am lusting after this month:

 photo RIjacket_zpsc7028ab5.jpg
 photo RIbottoms_zps4fe364db.jpg
River Island Blazer and Trousers

I have been looking everywhere for a reasonably priced relaxed suit, such as a shorts suit (yes, I said it) or tropical print. These separates by River Island are beautiful but actually the trousers are not flattering on me. I recommend them to owners of smaller thighs but for now I'll have to keep on looking.
 photo Tovicorrie1_zpscde6d4e7.jpg
Tovicorrie Phone Case

I really love the Tovicorrie printed leather goods. They are so luxe and I love the patterns. I think I may be too spoiled for choice to ever settle on one of them though.
 photo ClarksLiberty1_zps1b0cd397.jpg

Clarks Chorus Sing Shoes
I am totally kicking myself that I didn't buy these gorgeous (and comfortable!) Liberty Art print shoes from Clarks. I've been mulling it over for weeks and then they went into the sale and have sold out already! 
 photo JilSanders1_zps1c97436c.jpg
Jil Sander Sunglasses

I saw these in TK Maxx last week for the bargain price of £30 and intended to buy them for T in the Park.Then I got distracted by mini wellies and walked out without them. So I've put these on my wishlist as a reminder to actually buy them next time!

I'm looking forward to checking out Helen's wishlist later this week- she always has good new finds that are exactly my taste :)
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Friday, 12 July 2013

Our Top 5 Websites for Fashion Bargains

1. Ebay
Ebay is such a good place to find great fashion bargains. We're always using it to search for items we missed out on when they were in store and usually get them for a fraction of the RRP. The only thing to watch out for is getting bitten by the bidding bug. We would always advise setting yourself a budget and try and wait until just before the end of the auction to bid. If you don't want the tension of a bidding war there is also many items available under the Buy It Now option. In fact this is how Kimberley got a hold of the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.

Best Buys: Topshop Shoes £7.50 | Topshop Dress £8.00 | Carvela Shoes £9.99 | Miss Selfridge Playsuit£4.00

2. Oxfam Boutique
We do love a bit of charity shop shopping but it can be hard to find the time needed for a proper  rummage. The idea of being able to find these types of bargains from the comfort of our sofas, anytime of the day or night, is very appealing to use. That's why we love Oxfam's Online Boutique. There are lots of items to choose from, including the odd designer pieces, at great second hand prices. Plus your pennies go to a good cause. Win, win!

Best Finds: This monochrome outfit - PPQ for Office shoes £19.99 | Liz Claiborne Dress £22.99 | Suzy Smith Bag £22.99

3. Designer Hire
These websites, such as wishwearwant allow you to hire your dream outfit for that special occasion. It isn't always cheap but a fraction of the designer purchase price. Although we are more drawn to pattern than labels, being able to rent something extra special for a one off event is quite an exciting prospect. We haven't actually been invited to any summer balls yet and needed a gown, but as soon as we are...
girlmeetsdress is a more affordable site with a lot of choice! There are also a lot of handbag hire sites for girls who want the latest 'it' bags, such as theborrowersclub and you can sometimes buy the ex-rental bags. Cinderalla Me offer shoe hire and are currently having a clear out sale so you can grab a designer bargain!
 photo FashionBargainsHire_zpsd2a5d85b.jpg
Best Finds: Marchesa 'Francesca' gown- hire from wishwearwant | Christian Louboutin 'Bloody Mary Nude- hire from Cinderella Me | OPULANCE ENGLAND lace tutu dress- hire from girlmeetsdress

4. Social Networks
Following your favourite brands and designers on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can reap many rewards. They often use these platforms to announce sales, give money off codes and run competitions. Just the other day Helen ordered an awesome new ring from VeraMeat after they shared a 37% off code on Instagram. It's always a good idea to pay special attention on bank holidays and special holidays as alot of brands celebrate them with money off or free shipping.

Best Finds: Verameat 37% off | Crown and Glory 25% off | Swedish Hasbeens 15% off | Win £100 to spend at Joy

5. Fashion Vouchers
Whenever we are buying online we usually do a little google search to see if there are any codes available. Sometimes this may pop up some free shipping or an extra 10% off but it isn't always successful. Fashion Vouchers allows you to search for offers for your favourite online stores and you can even sign up for email alerts so you always know the best times to buy. Anything that makes spotting a sale or special offer this easy is a good thing in our book.

Best Vouchers: 10% off Urban Outfitters | Clarks Free Standard Delivery | 25% off Festival Clothing at In Love With Fashion

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Styled by Kimberley: Ladylike

 photo KimLady1_zps6540cc31.jpg
 photo KimLady2_zps981a7f97.jpg
 photo KimLady3_zps10c26af7.jpg
Blouse | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Zara
Necklace | New Look
Ring | Accessorize
Bangles | Topshop

I am always lady like in any outfits (or granny-like at least). My usual ladylike go- to is a tea dress so I have deliberately stayed away from them. I really like this pleated skirt as the length is flattering on me- I have good legs from knee down.

Also, it's been a scorcher in Scotland this week! Since we are close to the sea, the morning harr (sea fog) can trick you into thinking you won't get sun burnt but always burns off by midday. I and every other Scottish person is currently lobster coloured in oddly shaped patches.
I normally wear this skirt with a white t shirt but wanted something more prim. I think this blouse is a little too loose for tucking in though so will go back to a slimmer silhouette on top. I've balanced out the library chic with vibrant tribal jewellery.

 photo KimLady5_zps485f1065.jpg

These blue velvet Zara shoes with ankle straps are my current faves. I love Zara's low front shoe shapes- their pointed toe heels are *amazing* but they're too high for me since I damaged my left ankle (also known as my 'fankle') two years ago. I bought these ones at New Year but have been too scared to wear them in the Scottish weather in case they are ruined. So they are getting a rare outing this week, at least until the rain starts again.

Hope you are all enjoying the heat this week :)

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg