Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What Helen Wore: Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Tshirt | Promo for The Divide, won at Dundead horror film fest
Skirt | Borrowed from Kimberley
Shoes | Clarks

Today I will be heading back to work after a rather marvellous long weekend off. Ross and I took a little trip down England way, stopping off in Yorkshire for a couple of nights. The main reason for us staying here was to visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park. After our adventure to Jupiter Artland a few weeks back it seems we've caught the sculpture bug. This is what I wore to wander around the rather spectacular, and extensive grounds. It was a warm day and there was a lot of walking to be done so comfort was key. I stuck with a simple tee and the H&M pleated skirt that I still haven't returned to Kim. My Clarks brogues meant my feet survived the epic trek.

Thanks again to my own personal photgrapher, Ross.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Kimberley's August Wishlist

I'm finding these wish lists really useful as a focus for things that I really want... but then I have days where I just reaalllly need to buy something- anything!- and I buy any old crap. Sigh.
Here are things I am coveting right now:

 photo wishlist1_zps71d4d595.jpg
Gypsie Dancing Shoes- Swedish Hasbeens

I love Swedish Hasbeens a lot. They used to feature heavily on my old blog. But I no longer own any and I have been spending a lot of time looking at the Swedish Hasbeens website. I think I am still in the Deco frame of mind at the moment but I really like these dancing style shoes.

 photo wishlist2_zps7e092ac0.jpg
Mint Green and Holographic Bag- Golden Ponies

I am loving holographic accessories at the moment. It's the sci-fi lover in me. I have just bought some silver strapped shoes and I want something fun to go with them. This bag is ticking a few boxes right now!

 photo wishlist4_zpse65a934f.jpg
Wilma Necklace- Motherland Jewels
I can't decide if it is the Wilma Flintstone inspiration of this piece or just the geometry but I want this!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Helen's August Wishlist

This month I've been on a shopping mission. My goal - to find the perfect bridesmaid shoes for Kim's wedding. I have an exact picture in my mind of some t-bar, closed two, mid heel, vintage style, gold beauties. Unfortunately they don't seem to exist, at least not in my price range. The quest continues but at least along the way I discovered these lovelies.

More work appropriate than wedding appropriate but I love these pointed flats from Next. The berry colours are beautiful and look great together.

More amazing shoes. These ones are from Zara. They have such a good selection of shoes at the moment but these shiney silver ones really stole my heart. A world away from the gold ones I was searching for but I may just have to find an excuse to buy these too.

This plum coloured dress from Warehouse really caught my eye. What's better is I have another wedding coming up so might even have a proper excuse to buy it. Best try it on first though, not sure what those pleats will do to my hips.

Check out this pretty headband from Etsy seller Eye Heart Me. This was actually an accessory I thought about purchasing for Kim's big day. The colour of the feathers and the gold detail are almost perfect. Unfortunately the size of it is not so my search for a smaller bit of hair bling continues along with my shoe search.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Kimberley's Vintage Wedding Inspiration

It's now less than month countdown until I get married. As I have been engaged for more than two years, I had plenty of time to find inspiration. I think I have enough for five weddings now! I wanted an elegant but intimate occasion for my Big Day and I knew it would have a vintage twist. Finally I decided on 1930s- mixing Art Deco with early Hollywood.
 photo collagewedding_zps41910f1d.jpg

My colour scheme is gold, ivory and teal. And more gold! I have used peacock but kept it geometric and abstract. Pearls, 1920 fan shapes, silhouettes and cameos also feature.

Helen has made my incredibly beautiful stationery, which matches (but is even better than) my hen party scheme, here.
 photo weddinginspoone_zps0622125c.jpg
 photo CollageWedding2_zps0dc9deee.jpg
 Source: My Pinterest Board here.

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What Helen Wore: To Artland

Dress | Charity Shop
Blazer | Primark
Shoes | Clarks
Brooch | DoJ Jewellery 13 Kickstarter Reward
Necklace | Jolly Good
Rings | Made by me

I know it's almost unheard of, but at the weekend I did something without Kimberley. Me, Ross and my dad went for an adventure to Jupiter Artland, just outside of Edinburgh. What makes me feel bad about it is that Kim would have loved it. The place is filled with a variety of different sculptures and artworks all dotted around the beautiful park.  It's definitely somewhere I'll visit again and next time I'll take Kimberley with me.

It was such a fun and unusual place to snap some outfit photos. This is what I wore to wander around the grounds and get creeped out by Laura Ford's Weeping Girls sculptures. These were definitely my favourite but I was also taken with Domenica More Gordon's tiny Top Dog pieces which you can spot in the first photo.

Thanks to Ross for being my photographer for the day.

Monday, 5 August 2013

July Round Up


Watching: I was at the cinema a few times last month but the first trip of July was to see World War Z. I read the book a while ago and from the reviews of the film I wasn't expecting much. As suspected the film doesn't have any of the books complexity or insight. What it did have were great big action sequences and a whole load of zombies, which was kinda fun.

Doing: I know we've mentioned it a lot, but the main event of July for us has to be Kim's hen do. It was such a fun weekend and it was great to finally see all my planning come together. I love a good afternoon tea and the spread at Missoni Hotel did not disappoint.

Reading: Ok so we look like a couple of Gillian Flynn obsessives but I am really into her books at the moment. I will usually discover an author and read through all of their books before moving onto anything else, so for now it's Flynn all the way. I enjoyed Dark Places even more than Gone Girl and have now started on Sharp Objects. Prepare to see that as my August reading!

Buying: I treated myself to a few things in the month of July, including these awesome rings. The brain ring is from VeraMeat and I thought it would be a great way to subtly shoe my love of zombies. The pencil ring is one I've had my eye on for some time and when I heard that Me & Zena's stocks were running low I had to snap it up.


Watching: not technically a film and- surprisingly- not linked to my hen party. This month I have been using my Driving Theory Test DVD to swot up before I re-take it. Yes, I'm in my late mid- twenties. When I was the appropriate age to be using L plates, my dad gave me the money for my lessons.. and I bought a coat instead- the most fabulous coat (actually it lasted about 4 months and wasn't that memorable, was it pink?). Anyway, I keep intending to get my drivers license but other things have always got in the way. I already passed my theory 4 years ago but it expired. Boo hiss.

Doing: As Helen says, we are totally pre-occupied at the moment. My favourite part of my hen party was the Murder Mystery- I've wanted to do one since forever. I've been to organised ones and I was concerned that it would fall a little flat being done by my friends and family but I have to say I was really impressed by the acting talent and enthusiasm of everyone. My mum was the star as the drunken ex- actor but as you can see, my character had a few juicy secrets to reveal! (I wasn't the killer but I was having an affair with that handsome girl chap next to me, Helen's sister Heather).

Buying: I recently got one of Helen's fabulous new rings- and the necklace to match. It's already had a few outings and made it into one of my posts- here.

Reading:I've now finished all the Gillian Flynn books and am between books at the moment. I've been going through my fashion and styling books for new ideas for my wedding. I enjoy Angel Adoree's The Vintage Tea Party and The Vintage Tea Party Year, although I think I like the photos more than I find it useful.

P.S. I would like to thank Helen for choosing such a flattering photo of me enjoying the afternoon tea, above.
 photo Signature2_zpsc571518e.jpg

Friday, 2 August 2013

Kimberley's Hen Party: The Details

Organising Kim's Hen Party was lots of fun. That's not to say it didn't have stressful moments (there were plenty of them) but it was great to pick a theme/s and run with it. Kim was in on a lot of the main planning but I wanted to have a few surprises in the mix. She knew we'd be heading for afternoon tea at Hotel Missoni and that there'd be a 1920's Murder Mystery in the evening so I wanted to add a few little details to make it extra special.

Many of the decorations were inspired by the Pinterest images I shared earlier this week. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of spare time to make anything quite as impressive, but I was pretty pleased with what I came up with.  I made signs to personalise the apartment and hung them alongside scallopped bunting and a tassel garland.  The champagne tower is just made up of plastic glasses but I think it looks damn impressive.

What's a party with out gift bags? No kind of party, says I. I made up some cute lady like ones to give out at the afternoon tea. Each one came with a name tag and was filled with Kimberley-esque items.

For the evening I set out little bundles which included some tasty treats, a character name badge and notebook (for the murder mystery) and a copy of Kim's very own soundtrack. I know mix cds are rather out of fashion but I got a lot of joy from filling this one with classic tunes that Kim has loved over the years.

Other Special Touches
As Kim is a lover of nail art I set up her very own nail bar with a selection of fabulous polishes and accessories. Unfortunately the night was filled with far too much fun (alcohol) that we never had the chance to decorate our nails. I'm sure we'll be able to get together for a girly night soon and make use of the supplies.

And last, but not least, a hen night wouldn't be complete without embarrassing the bride-to-be, just a little. I put together a board filled with photo's of Kim through out the years. Let's just say some years were better than others....

I was so glad when it all came together and would like to say a big thank you to the ladies who helped me get everything sorted. From the bottom photo of Kimberlery I think she was pretty pleased with it all.