Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Helen's August Wishlist

This month I've been on a shopping mission. My goal - to find the perfect bridesmaid shoes for Kim's wedding. I have an exact picture in my mind of some t-bar, closed two, mid heel, vintage style, gold beauties. Unfortunately they don't seem to exist, at least not in my price range. The quest continues but at least along the way I discovered these lovelies.

More work appropriate than wedding appropriate but I love these pointed flats from Next. The berry colours are beautiful and look great together.

More amazing shoes. These ones are from Zara. They have such a good selection of shoes at the moment but these shiney silver ones really stole my heart. A world away from the gold ones I was searching for but I may just have to find an excuse to buy these too.

This plum coloured dress from Warehouse really caught my eye. What's better is I have another wedding coming up so might even have a proper excuse to buy it. Best try it on first though, not sure what those pleats will do to my hips.

Check out this pretty headband from Etsy seller Eye Heart Me. This was actually an accessory I thought about purchasing for Kim's big day. The colour of the feathers and the gold detail are almost perfect. Unfortunately the size of it is not so my search for a smaller bit of hair bling continues along with my shoe search.

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