Friday, 29 November 2013

November Round Up

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Watching: I finally finally finished the French drama series The Returned. I've had it saved on Sky+ since forever ago and watched it in a creepy zombie binge week whilst ill. I couldn't watch it after dark though- unlike Helen, I'm a total horror wimp.

Doing: I went to see Pixies play at one of my favourite venues- Barrowlands in Glasgow. The sound isn't the best there but the atmosphere of the old ballroom is always fun- even if I was sober and flagging from a virus.

Reading: this month I have been an excellent pen pal- writing thank you cards to all my wedding guests and catching up with friends with lots of lovingly crafted emails. I'm quite hilarious in letters  (even if I do say so myself). I really enjoy receiving mail whether of the snail or e- variety. It cheers up any grey November day!
Buying: I told myself I was going to buy Christmas gifts early this year... but instead I bought myself November gifts. I deserve it. My favourite is the Hello DODO bag that was on my wishlist way back in June.


Doing: I have been a busy bee creating a mini Christmas collection for Jolly Good. Most of my spare time has been spent sewing and printing fabric. The really difficult thing has been finding time to take photos of what I've made, November is a dark month, but I managed in the end and my wares are now for sale in my Etsy shop.

Watching: I have been spending my evenings re-watching Peep Show on Netflix. I do enjoy being able to watch series after series at my own convenience. At the moment I've been focused on comedies and have already watched Green Wing, Fresh Meat, Black Books and Red Dwarf over the past few months.

Buying: At the start of the month I treated myself to a new dress from the Coco Fennell x Karen Mabon collection. I love both designers so there was no way I could resist buying something from their collaboration. I went for the Pill Popper dress and I love it. The fit is great and the collar is just so much fun.

Reading: This month I read Sleep with the Lights On by Maggie Shayne. I picked it mostly because it was only 99p in the Kindle store but I actually quite enjoyed it. It was paced well and kept me suitably gripped all the way through. Might even be tempted to read the next one when it comes out in December. 

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