Monday, 2 December 2013

Styled by Kimberley: Casual

 photo P1130398_zps45d3d3e1.jpg
 photo P1130386_zpsf0ff6b29.jpg
 photo P1130412_zps46532f86.jpg

Jacket | Topshop
Blouse | Zara
Jeggings | H&M
Boots | Office
Rings | Topshop (see also here)
Tiger Bracelet | gift and I can't remember where it is  from!

I have around eight winter coats but not any casual ones to wear, so in October I finally bit the bullet and bought the Topshop one everyone seems to have. It is the only jacket I own that has a hood and I have had a lot of use out of it since I bought it.

I also wanted some kind of plaid shirt but with my curves (read: boobs) and stick arms I had a hard time finding anything that fit. I love the look of this Zara shirt but the material feels surprisingly cheap for them. Also, I had to sew part of it to keep it from gaping at the front but that was to be expected. Still, it looks cute so it's worth it.

 photo P1130406_zpseec4ebb4.jpg
 photo P1130401_zpsc9cb534c.jpg

My favourite piece here is the tiger bracelet, although I can't remember where it's from :(
Helen bought me it because it reminded her of a top I had when I was 15. I wore it all the time.
 It was one of those terrible ugly animal t shirts. The ones that you see around a lot now, so you can appreciate how they are so-ugly-they-are-kinda-genius. Yeah, well in 2001 most people did not get this. I was just too ahead of the times.

God, that thing was ugly.

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