Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Styled by Helen: January Sales

Necklace | Twiggd
Cardigan | Primark
Vest Top | Primark
Skirt | Topshop
Shoes | Clarks

I managed to find myself rather a lot of bargains in the January Sales. Unfortunately none of them were from my sale wishlist! I think the problem is that most of my picks involved online ordering, which always gives me far too much time to debate and talk myself out of it. Many of my sale purchases were made while browsing the high street, killing time before my train home from work. It's just so tempting when it's right there in front of me and I've been able to try it on.

Anyway, the skirt and shoes in this outfit were both part of my sale haul. I've been on the look out for slightly longer skirts that hide my knobbly knees and this one is pretty much the perfect length. Plus I love the fun spot and stripe pattern. The boots were more of a considered and essential purchase since my last go-to pair started letting in water! I love the little zip detail and they keep my toes nice and dry.

What bargains have you found lately?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Styled by Kimberley: January Sales

 photo P1140386_zpsd5ef00b3.jpg
 photo P1140380_zps5a096ea9.jpg
 photo P1140389_zps83c17329.jpg
Dress | Warehouse Sale!
Tights | Primark
Shoes | Clarks Sale!
Necklace | New Look

This dress and the shoes were my January sale purchases and I think it's been a wise investment!
It's very rare I wear figure hugging outfit but I am obsessed with this dress. Love a shoulder pad! I got it for Helen's birthday night out next month but I'm sure it'll have plenty other outings.

The shoes were my other sale purchase, and featured in my Sales Picks. I can wear them to work or out, so it's kind of a double win.

I've been playing around with DIY pastel hair colour recently. This was Bleach London Bruised Violet. It is a lot darker than I expected but it works quite well with this vampy look. I am obsessed with milkmaid braids right now and it really shows off the accidental ombre effect of this colour.
The colour is loud and fun but I really hope it fades out like it's supposed to.
 photo P1140375_zpsc6ddc8c4.jpg

Now I just need to find my Spanx and I'm ready to party!
HEEEYYYYY!!! (Yes, this is how I dance)
 photo P1140376_zps8226029a.jpg

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What Helen Wore: New Year's Eve

Dress  | River Island
Shoes | Topshop

So there wasn't really a whole lot to my New Year's Eve outfit. I had meant to go in for the whole Great Gatsby look but it some how didn't happen. With it's opulent sequins, the dress was my only step in that direction. I'd had my eye on another dress from River Island but when I went to purchase it I found they no longer had it in my size! I searched online and in other stores and still no luck. It was time to admit defeat and look for something else. Luckily the sparkles on this little number caught my eye. It was only when I was trying it on that I saw the sale tag. Reduced to £20 from £50, bargain!! I did have to do a few repairs where the sequins were concerned but that's kind of what you expect from a heavily embellished high street number.

I did make a bit more of an effort with my hair. Not in the styling stakes, as you can clearly see, but I did give it a fresh burst of colour. It always makes me feel tonnes better about my locks when they're looking vivid and bright. I also took a bit of time with my nails, painting some simple dots onto a clear base coat.

I had a lot of fun seeing in 2014 and my comfortable sparkly shoes from Topshop kept me dancing all night long. My one regret is not getting some better quality outfits shots! Damn you winter and your bad lighting.

Monday, 13 January 2014

What Kimberley Wore: New Year's Eve

 photo P1140159_zps3541fb2d.jpg
 photo P1140160_zps7190548a.jpg
Dress | borrowed from Helen
Tights | Primark
Shoes | Clarks
Headband | New Look
Earrings | Accessorize

When I heard that Cargo Edinburgh was holding a Great Gatsby for New Year I was super excited to re-wear my flapper girl look from my Hen Party. I've been looking for an event to get out my beautiful beaded dress. Unfortunately, I had packed my dress in a "special place" in preparation and when the night came round I couldn't find it anywhere. (It's still missing by the way, if you see it please tell me I'm not mad and to come back home).


Thank goodness for Super Friend, Helen, who was on hand with a spare dress she'd worn for New Year's last year. Hooray! The dress was a black fringed shift with iridescent threading to add interest and a hint of sparkle. It was really comfortable and easy to wear, and worked perfectly with the rest of my look. Phew! It's quite funny that after saying I never borrow clothes from Helen I've borrowed two dresses in the last two posts!

I had a wee go at pin curls and tucked my hair under into a faux bob but I think I should have
used a setting lotion- there was a lot of frizz! I'll definitely have another shot at the hairstyle.
I'm annoyed that I didn't get a proper photo of my nails as I was really pleased with them. I used a teal base coat and gold tape and studs for individual Art Deco designs.
 photo a54ad5c7-3af0-4d26-8120-654feed264ce_zpsfd1f5dff.png
The party was really fun- we had a great table booked and champagne on ice so that we could enjoy Hogmanay in style. I didn't visit the casino but we did a lot of dancing to the big band and drank some prohibition inspired cocktails. Most people had made a real effort to dress in Great Gatsby outfits and everyone looked fantastic.

Here's to another year!
 photo nye1_zpse651c094.jpg

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Friday, 10 January 2014

Styled by Kimberley: New Dress

 photo P1130571_zps8586c089.jpg
 photo P1130575_zpsdb6799ad.jpg

Dress | Dorothy Perkins, borrowed from Helen
Necklace | Dorothy Perkins
Coat | H! by Henry Holland

Technically, my Night Out dress was my new dress. However, I wasn't feeling very comfortable in it and I wanted to daaaaaance. I rarely borrow Helen's clothes any more, so I decided to commandeer this gorgeous textured white dress for the evening. I'm surprised she let me, knowing how clumsy I am. Rarely a night out passes without me spilling a drink or four.

Borrowing clothing from stylish friends is a very obvious way to expand your wardrobe. I was always lending items out when I was at Uni because why not? It doesn't make the item less valuable to me that someone else takes a turn in it. And it's really flattering when someone likes your clothes (and presumably the way you wear them). To borrow something also means it feels new to you and you can make it your own for the night with your own accessories.

My favourite things about these photos is that you can gauge the stage of the night by my hair (fell flat after two drinks, was pinned back after a dance and by the end of the night it was in a hasty pleat (braid for you non-Scots speakers?) There was a lot of fog going on during the 50's and 60's tunes of Electric Circus' Beep Beep Yeah! night. Probably for the best, really.

My favourite thing of this look was my fabulous Lulu Guinness inspired pink lip nail art.

 photo P1130547_zpsf71061c7.jpg

After all the twisting, jiving and banana milkshake- based cocktails, we got a night bus home. While we waited, a lovely lady offered me some left over birthday cake from her party. I gladly took some.

It's not only clothing that's nice to to receive from others!
 photo KimsStrangerCake_zps056a2589.jpg
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Styled by Helen: New Dress

Dress | Karon Mabon x Coco Fennell
Shoes | Topshop
Bag | H&M

Ok, I come clean. I don't think I can call this dress new anymore. I bought it back in November after the launch of the Karen Mabon x Coco Fennell collaboration in October left me lusting after it until payday. To be fair though, these photos are from it's first outing but I just haven't had the opportunity to blog it until now.

Kim and I are not exactly party animals but sometimes you just have to go out, enjoy a few cocktails and dance the night away. That's exactly what we did back in November with our new recipe for the perfect night out. This consisted of lazing around in our jammies drinking cocktails until 10pm, having a quick outfit change before hopping on the bus into town. After arriving in the capital we avoided the busy pubs by heading straight to Electric Circus for a couple more cocktails and were first on the dance floor to boogie to our hearts content, then back on the bus by 2am and home in time for tea and toast. Perfection!

And my new dress turned out to be the perfect aid for dancing like a mad women to as many vintage songs as possible. It fits beautifully, making me feel happy and confident, while the light fabric allows for lots of swishing and swirling. Plus the collar is just down right fabulous. So much so that I decided to have my nails done to match.


Monday, 6 January 2014

Sale Picks

Helen's Picks
The January Sales can be a great opportunity to stock up on some wardrobe staples at bargain prices. Add some more black trousers to your workwear collection or collect some more tshirts for the gym. I say where is the fun in that! For me the sales have become about being adventurous and getting my hands on some fun pieces that I wouldn't normally be able to justify. Here are my picks from the sales.

1 & 2) Spangle Crop Top and Mini Skirt from The Whitepepper. What could be better than a sparkly multi coloured top or sparkly multi coloured skirt? The two together of course! Unfortunatley they don't have the top in my size but I am definitely contimplating that skirt.

3) Make Space Tee by Monki. I am a big fan of Monki and their fun prints. The also know how to do a sale. Simple slogan tee for only £5, don't mind if I do.

4) Treat Clutch Bag from ASOS. Released for Halloween this clutch does have a very distinct Trick or Treat feel. That wouldn't stop me rocking it all year round though. I love a good slogan, especially when it's done in dripping horror font.

5) House of Holland False Nails on Urban Outfitters. I have been admiring these for quite some time but I'm just not sure how well I'd get on with false nails. Now that they're reduced I might just have to give them a try.

6) Feline Fine Dress from Lazy Oaf. It's a velour dress with a kitty face, what's more to love. Oh yeah it's reduced to £35! This is exactly the kind of thing I would have picked to wear to my primary school disco which is exactly why I need it now. Here's to never growing up!

7) Knot Front Midi Dress from River Island. I have made quite a few purchases from River Island lately. Sometimes they go way over the top with their embellishments but they can also get it very right. I tried on this dress in my hunt for a New Year's outfit and actually really liked the shape and sparkly of it. Unfortunately it didn't quite fit with the Great Gatsby theme I needed but it would be nice to have it in the wardrobe for any future occasions that require some sparkle.  

8) Lace Up Glitter Shoes by Shellys London on ASOS. There is a lot of glitter and sparkle in my list but I won't let that stop me taking it one step further with these silver shoes. These would look so great with black jeans and that Monki Tee to add some glamour to a trip to the supermarket.

Kimberley's Picks

For the first time ever, I have been very sensible in the sales. I only looked at things I genuinely wanted before they went onto the bargain rails so that I didn't get swept up in the madness of Princes Street post- Boxing Day.

1) Pineapple Print Blazer from American Vintage on ASOS. I am already thinking ahead to summer. Acid bright and pineapples- what more need I say?

2) Betsy Lockwood Suede Shoes from Clarks. I have a lot of pencil skirts, so I have been looking for a pair of pointed toe shoes that won't kill my feet. I can always trust Clarks to add comfort to style. These are cute vintage style plus the subtle platform means they aren't too high.

3) Leyna Shoes by Nine West. These are the best bargain I've seen- slashed from £97 to £29 when I bought them. They are comfortable and perfect for work. I have been looking for a pair of good quality slipper shoes for ages. Hooray!

4) Open Side Shirt by Sparkle and Fade on Urban Outfitters. This shirt is not really for the office! but is a fun way to keep up the preppy look outside of work.

5) Caitlin Shearer Print 'The Lunch Hour' on Etsy. I really like all of Caitlin Shearer's prints but this one is a favourite of mine.

6) Bailey & Quinn Leather Tote Bag from Debenhams. This bag already featured in my December Round Up because I snapped it up on Boxing Day. And I have used it every day since. It has already had it's worth per wear! I also like the tan version and am so tempted to buy a second one...

I also got a River Island pencil skirt (to wear with no. 2) which is sadly no longer in stock so I don't have a link. I had tried it on just before so I didn't even have to try it on in store. Probably best after too many selection boxes last week.

I will probably end up going back round the sale for bargainous 'further reductions'. Must not get carried away after being so good!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 Outfit Round Up: Helen

 photo OutiftRoundup2013Helen_zpsa6cd59de.jpg

Looking back over Helen's outfits to pick my favourites of 2013 has been tricky. I have always coveted her style and each outfit has details I want to steal. She has a very clear vision for the theme of each look we try out, as you can see in my first three faves. I have chosen a monochrome theme for these, as she loves to wear blocks of colour for a streamlined look.

The first look is a re-worked Halloween look. I adore the dress Helen DIY'ed and wore as a skirt. The second is a fun collection of polkadots. The vintage pussybow blouse with pin-up lip brooch is adorable against the contrasting satchel. The third look is from our very first shoot together <3 which still remains my favourite. It was so fun and exciting to collaborate. And it was the first time I got to boss Helen around from behind the camera! This biker jacket is one Helen has had for a long time and is what I always picture here in.

 However, this year she has also embraced brights and patterns:
 photo OutfitRoundUp2013Helen_zps38b52902.jpg

I have gone for more summery looks (as opposed to Helen's picks) as I love girlish skirts and dresses. (And I am really missing sunshine at the moment).  The first is a tropical dress from our Festival week. I have yet to steal try this dress but I want to. Any tropical outfit needs a lobster necklace! The second look was a cute beach look and the blouse is covered in  little divers. The final look I have chosen is my favourite of Helen's. The print of the dress is lovely and she has pulled it together with a super soft jacket and adorable flower crown. And I always love her with a little fringe.

One thing is obvious from them all- she is one well put together lady! What do you think of my picks?

Looking over all these photos has made me really proud of the work we have done on the blog this year. What started out as a private project to get us together more regularly has pushed us both to try out different (not-always-granny-ish) looks.
I'm really looking forward to what 2014 will bring us!
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg