Monday, 27 January 2014

Styled by Kimberley: January Sales

 photo P1140386_zpsd5ef00b3.jpg
 photo P1140380_zps5a096ea9.jpg
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Dress | Warehouse Sale!
Tights | Primark
Shoes | Clarks Sale!
Necklace | New Look

This dress and the shoes were my January sale purchases and I think it's been a wise investment!
It's very rare I wear figure hugging outfit but I am obsessed with this dress. Love a shoulder pad! I got it for Helen's birthday night out next month but I'm sure it'll have plenty other outings.

The shoes were my other sale purchase, and featured in my Sales Picks. I can wear them to work or out, so it's kind of a double win.

I've been playing around with DIY pastel hair colour recently. This was Bleach London Bruised Violet. It is a lot darker than I expected but it works quite well with this vampy look. I am obsessed with milkmaid braids right now and it really shows off the accidental ombre effect of this colour.
The colour is loud and fun but I really hope it fades out like it's supposed to.
 photo P1140375_zpsc6ddc8c4.jpg

Now I just need to find my Spanx and I'm ready to party!
HEEEYYYYY!!! (Yes, this is how I dance)
 photo P1140376_zps8226029a.jpg

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