Wednesday, 12 February 2014

DIY Challenge: Valentine Cards

Welcome to a new feature on our blog - DIY challenges! We've decided to up our creativity by creating or customising a different item every month. At least that's the goal. With Valentine's Day coming up we decided it would be a good start to make our own cards. This means our special someone's get something unique and we can avoid totally buying in to this card company constructed occasion.

Helen's DIY

dark, valentine, creepy, non romantic, homemade, card, gift dark, valentine, creepy, non romantic, homemade, card, gift
I decided to go for a combination of my favourite things when creating my card. Those being creepy eyes and silly puns. I used different sizes of googly eyes to make a heart shape and then added my lame pun using a white pen. I bought all of my supplies from ebay, you can find so many bargains there if you have time to wait for items to be delivered.

Kimberley's DIY
funny, valentine's card, I tolerate you, handmade, DIY, tutorial, how to
I recently saw a cake with "I tolerate you" on it and thought I'd incorporate it into my card.
I wanted to make it super sweet with hearts and spring flowers and juxtapose the saying by using a childish scrawl (my normal script being artsy and beautiful). It's simple but effective.
I did the sketch quite quickly using sharpies on some plain card. It's wonkiness adds to its charm!

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