Friday, 7 March 2014

Nail Inspiration: Teatum Jones

As this week has been all about pattern, I thought I'd share some I've been trying out on my nails. Especially after last week's floral nails worked so well!

I've been looking at the fresh catwalk looks for inspiration and no one has given more pattern than Teatum Jones. I love everything about their Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection:

 photo nailinspo2_zps49d726b7.jpg
 photo NailInspoPattern1_zpsee67f8d2.jpg
source (photo on left)

I used some nail tape and a simple black and white palette to create this mis-matched look. I really enjoyed it! It was a great tester for four different looks, so I can wear each one again individually.
1. White base, chevrons drawn on with a black nail art pen.
2. Black base, use tape to split nail vertically and create areas to fill with white.
3. White base, use tape to create white stripes, add a grey blob of varnish for flower heads and add details with white polish and black nail pen.
4. Black base, use tape and cover with white polish to create thin stripes.

I had a (not so successful) attempt at another look I love. Everyone knows I love geometry and texture. I adore the triangular cut outs of this dress.

 photo TeatumNailsCollage2_zpsdbbf1ddb.jpg
source (photo on right)

It took me a while to figure out the triangular pattern and I drank a bit too much wine in between. (Am I the only person who gets the urge for nail art whilst tipsy?) The version above was created using a nail art pen from Topshop, but I later re-did it using nail tape for a much neater look. No photos though. I got sleepy and smudged it. Maybe next time!

I had a lot of fun re-creating these looks but even I must admit that I'd rather have the original outfits. Swoon!
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

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