Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Round Up

Buying: I have been trying not to buy too much this past month. Most of what I have bought has been stuff for doing up the bathroom. It's coming along nicely and I now have some shiny white tiles, a powerful shower and a luxurious new bath. One treat I did buy for myself was a Krispy Kreme donut. They have now made it as far as Dundee and my sister dragged me along to pick some up, so it would have been rude not to try one out.

Watching: My sister and I also ventured to the cinema to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. We both came out wishing the world was half a pretty as a Wes Anderson film. While I didn't feel it was quite on a par with Moonrise Kingdom, there was certainly a lot to like. Ralph Fiennes gives an excellent comedy performance and Tilda Swinton is pretty much unregognisable but the stand out for me was Tony Revolori as the young Zero, so many hilarious expressions.

Doing: I'm not long back from visiting my uni flatmate, Ashley, who now lives in Glasgow. We had a great girly time watching Magic Mike and The Craft while drinking wine. Visits with Ashley always involve lots of food and this trip was no exception. I got treated to some mac n cheese, home made soup as well as sausage sandwiches. In return I made up some tasty cupcakes to eat while we did some afternoon crafting.

Reading: As I mentioned in last months round up, I am working my way through Hugh Howey's Wool trilogy. March saw me completing the second book, Shift. This one adds a bit of history to the first book and tells of how the world has ended up the way it is. It jumps around characters and periods of time until it catches up to where the first book left off. I would say I preferred Wool but Shift does definitely add more interesting aspects to the tale.

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Buying: In the first two weeks of March I bought way way too many items, including half my Spring Wish List. However, my biggest purchase was an evening course in Beginner Spanish at my ol' university- Edinburgh. It starts later this month. I work with a lot of Spanish students so it's about time I learned some key phrases. Other than foods, I mean.

Watching: I recently watched Only God Forgives. Because Ryan Gosling. I thought it was going to be pretty similar to Drive but it was... very surreal and odd. And incestuous. I hid behind a pillow for a couple of the gory bits- I really despise gratuitous violence in films and I don't really want ugly images stuck in my head. I'm sensitive.

Doing: This month I had a lot of family visits so I have been eating out a lot. My bank account is not thanking me for it. Highlights of this month's food adventures have been the always- amazing- award- winning- have- to- book- in- advance gastropub The Sun Inn outside Dalkeith. They serve the meat- three- ways kind of dishes that, just after the first bite, fills you with remorse that it has to end at some point. Soo good.
I've also been to Burger.  a few times, which just opened up in Edinburgh. Glasgow has its fair share of new burger places but Edinburgh is still catching up. Burger. make a pretty decent burger but I think their skin- on crispy fries are the real star. Next on my food hit list are Mary's Milk Bar in the Grassmarket and Pickle & Custard on Lothian Road- when it finally opens!

Reading: Divergent by Veronica Roth. I am going to go see the film when it comes out at the cinema later this week. I've read the book before but I had completely forgotten what it is about, so I re-read it in anticipation of seeing the film. The book must always come first, after all!
The book/film is a typical dystopian Young Adult novel but has an interesting style of prose. The main theme of growing up and making life choices, as with a career, is certainly one I can relate to that- I'm still trying to figure it out!

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