Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What Helen Wore: for Grassmarket Adventures

Blazer | Borrowed from Kimberley
Cardigan | Primark
Tshirt | River Island
Skirt | Charity Shop
Shoes | H&M
Necklace | Tatty Devine
Ring | Made by me

I hadn't been through to Edinburgh for a while so it was great to take a trip to the capital and catch up with my Wardrobe Conversations other half. It was also a good chance to visit one of my favourite areas - the Grassmarket. It is choc-a-bloc with cute wee shops and great places to eat and drink. As Kim mentioned, we spent rather a lot of time in the adorable Mary's Milk Bar and also spent a fair bit of our afternoon perusing the shops. I managed to pick up a few birthday presents from the fabulous Black Box and Hannah Zakari and also treated myself to a copy of Betty Magazine from Analogue Books.

This is what I wore for our Grassmarket adventures. I recently nabbed this skirt from a local charity shop. I'm not to sure about the length, as I'm a bit of a short arse, but I couldn't resist the colour.  I know by my age I should have shopping for my shape down to a fine art but I am so easily swayed by other factors. I mean a skirt that matches your hair, who can resist that?


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