Monday, 14 April 2014

What Kimberley Wore: to Mary's Milk Bar

 photo P1150209_zps6c173e2e.jpg
 photo P1150583_zps89cd864e.jpg
 photo P1150589_zps394b0b28.jpg
 photo P1150541_zps21da3fb2.jpg
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Blouse | Primark
Jumper | Warehouse
Jacket | Warehouse
Trousers | Topshop
Shoes | borrowed from my sister
Bag | Bailley & Quinn
Necklace | Forever 21
Brooch | Marie Rose Creations

Just when we thought Spring had arrived, Saturday was miserable, over cast and wiiiiiiindy. I wrapped up in sensible monochrome layers.

I have been meaning to visit Mary's Milk Bar for weeks so, as Helen was visiting, it was at the top of my list of things to do. Our weekends together are mostly scheduled around eating.
It is the most adorable little retro gelato and chocolate bar. We stopped by for some gelato. As always, I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. This time I didn't have to copy Helen's choice though, as the ladies had great recommendations, let me sample and were so patient. In return I accidentally knocked over everything in the place. Klutz. There were loads of delicious flavours but I decided on a scoop of dark chocolate and one of salted caramel.
The gelato was so good that we stayed on for an orange and cinnamon hot chocolate. Oh my god, it was good. When we heard the knickerbocker glory being described we had to run out the door for fear our will power would have wilted and we'd need to be rolled out.

We bumped into fellow Milk Bar addict and blogger, Dayna from Rebellious Rouge, before we had a good root around all the shops in the Grassmarket. I picked up this adorable little lady from Marie Rose Creations at Red Door Gallery to add interest to my current favourite coat.

 photo P1150535_zps0a25bbb5.jpg

I had dyed my hair with Bleach London Awkward Peach but I forgot to set the timer, guessed the timing, and it didn't really turn out. It did warm my hair colour but not really as I'd wanted. Ah well, win some lose some. Probably for the best when my outfit was so hypnotizing!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

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