Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Blog Birthday Celebrations (Part 2)

Kimberley wears:
Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Tights | New Look
Shoes | Primark

Helen wears:
Top | Zara
Dress (worn as skirt) | Topshop via Ebay
Shoes | Peacocks
Necklace | H&M
Belt | Charity Shop

And the party continues! This time with sequins, streamers and cocktails. We had great fun making a mess with party poppers and generally mucking around at pour party for two. In case you missed it, yesterday our wee blog turned one and we are celebrating all week long. Yesterday saw balloons and cake for a bit of a girls birthday party vibe but today we've gone a bit more grown up. As you can see grown up doesn't equal sophisticated in our books, it just means adding cocktails.
As you can see today's celebration also includes presents, all wrapped up in pretty Paperchase gift wrap. We know birthdays aren't all about the presents but they're still pretty nice. Check back tomorrow to see what's in our little parcels and swing by again on Friday for your chance to win a wee present of your own. We do enjoy making the most of a birthday!
Bonus fact 1: Kimberley does not trust Helen with knives, fire or party poppers.

Bonus fact 2: We both love gifts.

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