Friday, 9 May 2014

Blog Crushes 01

We love writing our blog but we also love reading blogs. There are so many amazing folk sharing their style and creativity online. It's always a great feeling when you discover a new read and so we thought we'd start sharing some of our favourites. So meet our newest blog feature - Blog Crushes!

Helen is crushing on.... Melon Lady

I know this lady is not new to the blogging world but I only recently started following her blog and I love it. Not only does she have a great name, but Helen also has great style. Her blog is filled with beautiful photos, relaxed outfits and the perfect shade of purple hair. Plus anyone who wears a Labyrinth tee is a winner in my book.
Check her out on You Tube and Twitter. She also sings for the awesome Box of Light.

Kimberley is crushing on..... Style Skittle

 photo Styleskittle3_zps0d31e2ed.png
 photo Styleskittle1_zpsab7fc114.jpg

Anna from Style Skittle has a great sense of style and I've only been following her blog for a few weeks now but I'm hooked! She is only nineteen but has a slick look to her blog already. She always mixes up her outfits and her photograph collages keep the posts interesting and fresh. And that hair!
A fab personal style blog- I can't wait to see more from her.
You can also catch her on instagram or twitter.

 What are your favourite blogs, big or small? 

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