Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Kimberley's May Wishlist

I am about to move house and I have interiors on the brain. The main living areas of my house are decked out in wood, vibrant oranges and punchy lime greens, with a mixture of modern shapes and tribal patterns. Now it's slipping into my wardrobe and I am craving all things tropical. The anticipation for summer (hurry up weather, this is getting silly!) is just adding to my desire for all things bright. Here are my current faves:

1.) Sassy Lime Co-ord | Glitters For Dinner
This summery outfit may be a bit draining on a pale skin tone like mine  but I'm sure I can overcome that for this amazing co-ord. A great pairing with any BBQ drink.

2.) Hollywood Pineapple Pot | Debenhams
It's a known fact that I go loco for anything pineapple shaped. I want this for my new spare bedroom (read dressing room). I also want the silver ring dish version. And by want I mean need.

3.) Bingo Ball Bracelet | Henry Holland
I am not a fan of bingo. I don't get excited by gambling scenarios and I don't play, apart from my family's annual Christmas prize bingo night. However, I am enjoying this quirky multicoloured jewellery from Henry Holland. So fun!

4.) The Hunt Midi Ring | The Rogue and The Wolf
This simple double triangle shape reminds me of chevrons. Although I haven't snuck this pattern into my house, I've got my eye on some teacups. This ring is striking without being too masculine for my ladylike digits. I like it.

5.) Jungalista Silk Shirt | Silken Favours
I love absolutely everything in the current Silken Favours collections- the pineapple cushion (amazing), the precious pussies scarf (swoon), and the jungle print everything. I want it all!

Have you scoped out any pineapple shaped items I might enjoy? Send information this way, pleeeease!

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