Monday, 16 June 2014

Hayley Scanlan Pop Up

On Saturday I nipped through to Dundee for Hayley Scanlan's one day pop up shop in Debenhams. It's really nice to have events happening so close to home and, being a fan of Hayley's designs, I knew I couldn't miss out on this one. Hayley is a fashion designer from Dundee and I love that she's stayed in the city rather than heading off to the bright lights of London. Having creative people like her about really helps to give this small city a buzz and, with the V&A coming to town, things can only get better.

Christina Miller was hosting a Q&A with the designer where Hayley shared her story so far, along with the inspiration behind her newest collection 'Love me Tender'. Her muse was the amazing Alabama from the movie True Romance. I love this film and Alabama, played by Patricia Arquette, rocks some fabulous outfits in it. Hayley's collection takes elements of the characters wardrobe and mixes them with some stunning fabrics and the perfect spring/summer shades.


After the Q&A I headed down to have a closer look at some of the items for sale and fell pretty hard for the polka dot mesh pieces. The polka dot frill skirt was the perfect figure hugging shape and the frill top was ever so pretty. I didn't think I could get away with these pieces, what with my shorter, rounder physic, but I found an armful of other items to take to the changing room. I ended up treating myself to a lightweight tshirt dress that will be great for summer. I cannot wait to style it up so I'm sure you'll be seeing it on here soon.

I really enjoyed this event and getting a chance to see the designer and their clothes in person. I've been following Hayley's collections online for quite some time. I've loved them all but I'd never thought of ordering anything from her online shop. I'm a big fan of  independent designers but when it comes down to it I end up buying most of my clothing from the high street. I rely on being able to try items on before handing over my cash and enjoy the excitement of taking a new purchase home rather than waiting for it to arrive in the post. This is where pop up shops come into their own and create a great opportunity to try more unusual and unique designs in a way that suits my shopping style.  I would love to see more of this in cities across the country and really hope I can make it along to few more this year. If you know of any please do give me a heads up.

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  1. Oh this event looks pretty great- wish I had heard of it! :) I agree with you about taking items home from the shops. It will always be my favourite way of buying things :) Gisforgingers xx