Monday, 30 June 2014

June Round Up


Buying: My most favourite purchase of the month was, of course, my Hayley Scanlan Tshirt Dress. I blogged all about the pop up shop where I bought it, as well as doing an outfit post. I love the black polka dots and the fact that it is so light weight, perfect for the warmer weather.

Watching: Finally getting down to watching Breaking Bad. Everyone went on about it for so long but it just didn't strike me as something I'd like. Finally I've given in and am now on the third series. I have to say I'm still not too sure about it. I enjoy watching each episode but it hasn't quite got me gripped yet. Will keep at it though.

Reading: Lots of tweets. I had a load of fun getting involved with the WearEponymous #WeStyle Twitter party last week. such a great way to connect with the brand and other bloggers. Plus I picked up a few tips for holiday packing and got extremely jealous of everyone's holiday plans.

Doing: Visiting degree shows. I went to Glasgow School of Art and Gray's School of Art in one weekend. It was slightly exhausting but also incredibly inspiring. There is so much talent out there and degree shows are the perfect opportunity to catch it. Plus there's usually a chance to pick up some neat artwork too. You can read more about my degree show adventures over on the Jolly Good blog.

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Watching: I dragged my other half along to The Fault in Our Stars. You may remember I finally read the John Green novel not so long ago. As is always always the case, the book was better. Lines that were beautiful on the page were somehow cringey onscreen. I thought the actors did a great job but it uncomfortable viewing for me. Wait for the DVD to watch at home alone, I say.

Buying: At the start of this month was my birthday- hooray! Among my presents I received the Luna on the Moon Fried Egg hair clip/ brooch that I've been lusting after. Helen always buys the best things (and a wish list or two doesn't hurt!)

Reading: I've been meaning to go along to the In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion at the Queen's Gallery, Holyrood House. To whet my appetite I've been reading the exhibition's guidebook, which is in the style of a contemporary glossy fashion magazine with 16th and 17th Century style. It is really well done and I read it cover to cover. I can't wait to get along and see the items and portraiture in the flesh.

Doing: I am crazy for yoga, as I've mentioned before. Since picking it up again in January it has really improved my flexibility and toned my arms. I can finally touch my toes! This month I started a weekly pilates class to get more core strength. I joined halfway through the course but I'm managing to just about keep up with the second stage movements. I like organised exercise that doesn't make me sweat.

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  1. I loved Breaking Bad! You won't be disappointed once you get to series 4 and 5! I love reading your blog and especially like that it's about both of you xx