Friday, 6 June 2014

Nail Inspiration: Pretavoir Sherbet Sunglasses

As you can tell by my recent posts I am super excited for summer. The sunshine may have disappeared again but I think it's time to prepare for brighter days. And what better way than picking out the perfect sunglasses! Pretavoir's new Sherbet Sunglasses range looks like it could fit the bill. This is a summer look I can embrace whole heartedly. The collection is made up of the classic wayfarer shape with a pic n mix of coloured frames and lenses. That's 16 gorgeous colour combos!

Inspired by British summer time Pretavoir are asking bloggers what their dream seaside adventure would be. For me it would have to be a picnic on the beach followed by ice cream and a trip to the fair. Or, if roller coasters are involved, maybe fair first and then food, just to be on the safe side.  I would of course love to be rocking some Pretavoir shades for the occasion. I think I'd go for the strawberry on strawberry selection as I am loving pink this year.

I've also painted up some nails especially for the occasion, featuring all my seaside adventure essentials inspired by these yummy sunnies. I decided to use the four shades in the sherbet collection, or at least as close as I could find in amongst my polishes. I also added a wee bit of glitter because that's never not a good idea. What do ya think?

What would be your seaside adventure of choice? 

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