Monday, 2 June 2014

What Helen (would have) Wore: ECA Degree Show

Blazer | Primark
Dress | Claptrap Boutique
Scarf | Charity shop
Belt | Primark
Shoes | H&M
Bag | New Look

The plan for this weekend was to head through to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh College of  Art degree show. Kimberley, Ross and I went along last year and had a great time and discovered so many amazing artists and designers. Unfortunately a pet based emergency meant that we had to change our plans and stay closer to home.

I'd specially picked out this outfit for the degree show as it includes a dress that was one of my top picks from last years show. This banana dress was part of illustrator Tamsin Scott's display and I fell in love with the quirky print. Luckily this outfit works just as well for a Saturday afternoon walk in the sunshine.

This is my first outfit post featuring my new hair cut and using my new camera. I feel like I'm still adjusting to dressing for shorter hair. I'm finding myself wanting to wear more scarves and items with collars. These features would quite often get lost under my long hair but now it's shorter I can show them off. I am also loving my new camera and so is Ross, since he got to play with it to snap these pics. I bought this New Look bag especially to house my new toy as my hunt for pretty camera bags wasn't unfruitful. Instead I opted to buy a cushioned pouch for it so I can make any bag a camera bag. This one is the perfect size and I love the peachy colour.

And what rational person can walk by a tarzy and not have a go?! 

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  1. i love the new hair, and that dress is fantastic! :)