Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July Round Up


Doing: Relaxing at the spa. My favourite ladies and I went for a girly day where we were massaged, steamed and jacuzzied to our hearts content. It was my first proper spa experience (what kind of girl am I?!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can I go every week please?

Buying: To be suitably attired for the spa I was in need of a swimsuit. As much as I loved the shark one from my wishlist, there just wasn't the time to order online and wait for delivery. Instead I opted for this cheap and cheerful Matalan number. It has hidden tummy and boob support which is great for a curvy lady like myself. Plus, the polka dots and halter neck give a cute 50's look.

Watching: Next year Kimberley and I are going to be bridesmaids for our bestest lady friend, Susan. Excited!! As well as pinning all the pretty pictures on Pinterest, I've been getting inspiration by watching Don't Tell The Bride. The show is ridiculous but I love it. 

Reading: These song lyrics are pretty much the only thing I've read lately! Found on the toilet wall of Avery & Co, I liked the chalkboard look and fonts used. I've lost interest in the book I was reading and have found it hard to get into anything else. Any recommendations to get me out of this funk?

 photo JulyRoundupCollage1_zps27456113.jpg

Doing: Getting serious hair envy. I know I keep going on about it, but I haven't had my hair cut in almost a year and it is seriously out of control. It is the longest it has been since since primary school and I neeeeeed to book an appointment pronto.I want it all lopped off but can't decide what I want. I'm a bit weird in that I take sudden urges for a hair style without thinking it through and have made many many mistakes in haste. Help!

Reading: Pinterest weddings. Like Helen says, we are in a wedding- planning frenzy for our bestie, Susan. But it's totally allowed as she lives in Dubai and we have limited time with her. Having spent the day at the spa catching up with her and discussing ideas, Helen and I led her down the dark dark path that is Pinterest. After only two days I realised we had created a pinning monster. If you fancy a peek at my pins, my username is dressingupwithk and you can find me here.

Watching: The Vampire Diaries. Helen has got me into this show, and since I got Netflix in my new flat I have been marathoning my way through the series. Helen and I were both obsessed by the original series by L.J. Smith when we were teenagers (although Night World was our favourite, obvs). I'm team Damon all the way.

Buying: My favourite purchase this month has to be these Zara shoes. They are amazing, and so comfy! I bought them in a wallowing-in-self-pity shop after hurting my ankle so that I could enjoy some nice flats once my hideous tubi-grip came off. I still can't decide if they are flies or wasps? Or some kind of futuristic mechanical hybrid? All I know is they are fabulous. What do you make of my generic insects?

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Blog Crushes 03

Kimberley is crushing on.... Find and Seek
 photo FindandSeekCollage1_zpsf559b837.jpg
 photo FindandSeekCollage2_zpsf536e506.jpg
I first came across Charlotte from Find and Seek on instagram and I love to check out her latest outfits. She mixes pieces in a way that I wouldn't think of. Charlotte's also a bit of a bargainista and always seems to bag a great deal or charity find! Her blog helps push my shopping habit along with tips on similar alternatives to her clothes and accessories. You should check her out!

As well as Instagram, you can also find her on Twitter.

Helen is crushing on.... Hungry Heart Vintage

I've been following Lora's blog, Hungry Heart Vintage, for some time now. I just love her laid back, eclectic style. She incorporates amazing vintage finds with excellent head wear and a great selection of glasses. She also has the enviable skill of re wearing the same items but styling up in new ways to keep things interesting. Her writing is also funny and dry, with just the right amount of cutting sarcasm. And, as if that wasn't enough, she also runs a fab etsy shop selling some amazing vintage pieces. 1950's bathing cap anyone?

Be sure to check out her beautiful Instagram and Facebook page too. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What Helen Wore: World's Smallest Street Market

Jacket | Matalan
Blouse | Vintage
Jeans | Matalan
Shoes | H&M
Eye Ring | Cheap Frills
Diamond Ring | Made by me

For my adventures to the World's Smallest Street Market I thought I'd over load on polka dots. After all, why wear one spotty item when you can wear three! I hardly own any jeans so when I spotted (haha!) this pair for a bargain price I thought I'd snap them up. They're a bit more fun than my usual dark denim but still subtle enough to be worn as a basic. The spotty shirt I picked up at Funk Fair ages ago and I still love it. To finish it off, I threw on the jacket as the weather forecast wasn't looking so good. Turns out they got it wrong, AGAIN, and I was absolutely boiling! Weather app, you are >this< close to being deleted.

After a peruse around the market, and eating ALL THE FOOD at The Tinsmith, Ross and I took a wander around the Dundee Uni campus. There are lots of fun little nooks and crannies, including pretty gardens and interesting graffiti. We discovered good old James Duncan around the back of the art school that bears his name. Since he matched my outfit pretty perfectly we decided to snap some photos by his side. Plus I love the cheeky wee quote.

Thanks be to Ross for his photo taking abilities.

Monday, 21 July 2014

World's Smallest Street Market and Other Dundee Adventures

I spent most of the weekend in the fair city of Dundee, discovering new places to eat and adding many things to my expanding wishlist. On Saturday I visited the DCA (one of my favourite spots in the city) for their Summer craft and market. So many beautiful things! I especially loved Rosie Kimber's beautiful jewellery creations. Browsing round the fair was followed by lunch at Avery & Co. It was delicious and the staff were lovely. I'm already planning to head back soon and try their Marmalade Mojitos, they sounds amazing!

Sunday consisted of the World's Smallest Street Market located on the tiny Johnston's Lane. There were lots of vintage treats to be found, including books, records and homeware. Plus jewellery from Jane Gowans, cushions and prints by Sooz Gordon Designs, fresh fruit and veg from Fraser's and  outdoor barbering from Benjamin Barker Barber & Shop. The live music also added to the jovial atmosphere. After spending some time soaking this up I then ventured inside Spex Pistols and tried on ALL of the glasses. It's amazing how such a small shop can have so much choice! I already have my next pair on order and about a million others on the lust list.

After being suitable cheered by the bustle of the teeny market it was lunch time. A few short steps away and I landed in The Tinsmith, a new pub with a great interior, tasty food and delicious cider.

All in all it was a rather enjoyable weekend. I'm loving that Dundee has so many great places to eat and drink and that there's fun events for me to go to that are a bit closer to (my) home. Long may it continue!

What were you up to at the weekend? 


Friday, 18 July 2014

In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion

 photo infinestylecollage_zps5c9edf3e.jpg
Top | H&M tee printed by Helen
Shorts | Miss Selfridge
Bag | Zara

This week I felt totally under dressed as I visited the fantastic In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion exhibition at The Queen's Gallery, Holyrood Palace.

I know I love vintage but this period is waaay beyond anything I thought could inspire modern garb. Although I know a little about the clothing of the times, it was incredible to see the transition through these periods in one space. Admittedly slower moving than our modern fast fashion, there are distinct peaks in the materials used, cuts of fabric, embellishment, hairstyles and beards favoured. The exhibition brings this to life with huge beautifully illustrated modern canvases that mirror modern fashion designers' sketchbooks. These are slotted alongside the original oil paintings and pieces.  The guidebook is cleverly designed as a modern glossy fashion magazine with the 'trends' of the times (as explained in my June round up post). While I adored the book, the luster and detail of the paintings is sensational and really has to be seen in the flesh.

 photo infinestyleCollage2_zpsd76bb17f.jpg

My favourite pieces all surrounded the clothing of children. There is a tiny suit of armour worn by a 12 year old prince into battle, which is startling to see. I also like the story of 'breeching' for boys. I already knew of this tradition but it was fascinating to see the formal portraits commissioned to mark what was clearly a momentous occasion. Most interesting for me was the addition of reins in children's clothing. I didn't realise these matching inbuilt straps had any function but it really makes sense- I'm all for walking leads on children! Perhaps this is the one trend to bring back? Apart from the outlandish ruff, of course.

 photo infinestyle3_zps26ca08c1.jpg
One of the coolest things I discovered was that people used mica overlays on their miniatures to change the look of their portraits. I couldn't resist trying it out- I look pretty damn good in a beard!

 photo tudorkim1_zpsf3622671.jpg
If you are feeling jealous you can make your own by downloading the app here

In all seriousness, the laces, jewels and descriptions were brilliantly curated. I recommend that anyone with an interest in fashion history should make it down. You'll have to be quick though- this is the last weekend!
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What Kimberley Wore: T in the Park

 photo DSCF06701_zpsca992da5.jpg
 photo DSCF06621_zpsa5707dcd.jpg

 photo DSCF06791_zps0c296e29.jpg
 photo DSCF06801_zpsb3916f2f.jpg

Top | Dorothy Perkins
Shorts | Topshop
Shoes | Primark / Trainers | Nike
Tote Bag | Edinburgh Etsy Craft Party
Name Necklace | Tatty Devine
Sunglasses | Tommy Hilfiger
Ring | gift
Nails | Barry Acid Wash polish

Last weekend was T in the Park and it was the final time at Balado. I can't even remember how many times I've been now.. heading into the double figures. Even after saying I wasn't going last year I ended up getting a free ticket from a friend who won it in a dance-off competition (long story).
This year I only had a day ticket for Friday, and wasn't camping- thankfully, I'm getting way too old for that! I knew it wasn't going to rain so I didn't have to be too practical, but with my dodgy ankle I still wanted to be comfortable. I think I have worn denim shorts every single year to TITP but they are the most practical thing to wear to a festival, in order to navigate the infamous portaloos. I am always quite envious of girls who wear playsuits but for bog hovering they are a real no no. If going for the she-wee option (google it) I recommend a loose skirt to save  your modesty.
Enough of the toilet chat, I had to change out of my cute little shoes into my one and only pair of trainers, teamed with my current favourite accessory- the tubigrip bandage. Fankle is healing up nicely but I've damaged a tendon and it hurt hobbling around all day.

As I've been so many times it was quite chilled out and we were in no rush to get around all the bands. We caught quite a few though, including Haim, Chvrches, Royal Blood, Imagine Dragons, Maxiimo Park, Manic Street Preachers, and of course my old favourites Biffy Clyro. For the twenty something-th time.
I removed my fabulous name necklace for fear of getting a really weird tan line but I shouldn't have worried. While my friends were lobsters by the end of the day my alabaster vampire skin remained pasty as ever thanks to factor 30.

Oh, and on top of all this fun I also ate the best plate of stovies ever. Good times!
 photo TITPCollage_zps2da26144.jpg
Anyone else been to/ going to any music festivals this year? Any tips of what to wear next time to get out of my denim short cycle?
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 14 July 2014

Nail Inspiration: ModCloth

After Kimberley picked a ModCloth bikini for her Holiday Wishlist I decided to spend a bit of time browsing the site myself. They have such a great selection of fun and quirky clothing and I found myself especially drawn to their vast selection of ladylike dresses. So, I was super excited when we got an email from them asking us to take part in their nail art challenge. Perfect timing or what?!

The challenge was to create some nail art inspired by one of their summer dresses. Here is where my dilemna began. How to choose which one to use as my muse??!! I narrowed it down by searching for printed frocks. I am a sucker for anything with a fun pattern so I knew this would be the right way to go. I then managed to pick out my top ten, but after that I was stuck. With such a great variety of kitsch designs there was no way I could decide on just one. So, in the end, I cheated. With my number of favourite designs matching up nicely with the number of fingers I have, I thought I'd opt for a different design on each nail. I loved the end result of our mixed Wardrobe Conversations nail art so I thought I'd take the opportunity do a similar thing and really show of the selection ModCloth have to offer.

Good Enough to Eat Dress
Hot dogs, pop corn, ice cream, cupcakes! This dress has so many of my favourite things all grouped together in cool pop art style.

Flying Machine Dress
A bright fun dress, which unfortunately seems to now be sold out. I obviously have great taste.

Fresh Farmer's Market Dress
I am loving fruity patterns at the moment and this dress features a whole fruit bowl of goodness.

Me, Myself, and the Ivories Dress
A bit of monochrome always goes far in my book. I love the simple shape and design of this little musical number.

Dino Bones About It Dress
The perfect dress for an archeologist, or any dino enthusiast really. A great sandy colour that would look great with a wide brimmed hat, Indiana Jones style!

Doo-Wop Your Thing Dress by Lazy Oaf
I love Lazy Oaf and this dress shows is the perfect example of their cartoon style.

Too Much Fun Dress in Popsicle by Emily and Fin
A beautiful summer print. This dress looks good enough to eat with it's sweet Popsicle pattern.

Arrow Dynamic Dress
Another great black and white number. I love the contrasting top and skirt and the busy arrow print.

Good As Goldfish Dress by Nishe
The colour and fabric of this dress work so well, giving the impression of the perfect pool for these golden fishes.

Egg's and Shakin' Dress
Breakfast on a dress! Yes please!

What do you think of my dress picks and their nail art partners?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Styled by Kimberley: Summer Brights

Blazer | New Look
Top | borrowed from my sister
Jeans | Primark
Shoes | Clarks
Necklace | Jolly Good
Ring | made by Helen
Brooch | Annie's Fingers

Unfortunately even my neon outfit couldn't brighten up the miserable day on which we took our photos. The weather always seems to conspire against us!
Never mind, I shall bring the sunshine myself.

I just bought this jacket from New Look and was gutted to see it on the sale rail just yesterday. It's so fun and colourful that I couldn't resist it, although it is 100% polyester so I fear I will catch fire at any moment. That is just what I need after nearly dying last week! Notice my subtle plaster on the only pair of shoes I can get on my hideous fankle. I have spent the past week in a chunky tubigrip bandage that manages to clash with everything.

For this look, more is more and I piled on the neon accessories and lipstick. If I were wearing it on a hot day or on holiday I would have doubled it up on some shorts too. Now if I could only had a post-holiday tan to go with it!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Styled by Helen: Summer Brights

Hat | Vintage
Top | Monki
Dress | H&M
Necklace |Tatty Devine
Shoes | Car Boot Sale
Bag | LYDC
Sunglasses | Claire's

It's summer, so Kimberley and I have lots of ideas for suitable outfits to reflect the sunshine and blue skies that pop up now and again. Unfortunately, they never seem to appear on the days when we actually want to take photos. Not to be deterred, I donned this colourful ensemble for our Summer Brights challenge.

When it comes to colour I do enjoy picking one and rolling with it. Red has always been a favourite of mine but there was a time when it seemed to disappear from my wardrobe. I've been slowly building it back up and now have quite a number of pieces, most of them featured in this outfit. The newest one is this red dress from H&M, which I picked up in the sale for about £3. I've worn it on here before but now you can see it in it's full bright glory.

There is something about wearing colourful clothing that means I can't help but feel cheerful. When I look out the window on a grey day it can be tempting to stick on something comfy and black. Looking back at these photos makes me want to try and change that. Clothing as type of optimistic thinking, I'll go with that.

 Do you dress for the weather outside or the weather you want?