Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Styled by Helen: Summer Brights

Hat | Vintage
Top | Monki
Dress | H&M
Necklace |Tatty Devine
Shoes | Car Boot Sale
Bag | LYDC
Sunglasses | Claire's

It's summer, so Kimberley and I have lots of ideas for suitable outfits to reflect the sunshine and blue skies that pop up now and again. Unfortunately, they never seem to appear on the days when we actually want to take photos. Not to be deterred, I donned this colourful ensemble for our Summer Brights challenge.

When it comes to colour I do enjoy picking one and rolling with it. Red has always been a favourite of mine but there was a time when it seemed to disappear from my wardrobe. I've been slowly building it back up and now have quite a number of pieces, most of them featured in this outfit. The newest one is this red dress from H&M, which I picked up in the sale for about £3. I've worn it on here before but now you can see it in it's full bright glory.

There is something about wearing colourful clothing that means I can't help but feel cheerful. When I look out the window on a grey day it can be tempting to stick on something comfy and black. Looking back at these photos makes me want to try and change that. Clothing as type of optimistic thinking, I'll go with that.

 Do you dress for the weather outside or the weather you want?

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