Friday, 22 August 2014

Panda and Sons

This past month we have been busy busy busy sampling what Edinburgh Festival has to offer. Our closest friend Susan has been visiting from Dubai so we have been reminding her what she's missing back home!
Recently we took her to one of our favourite watering holes in Edinburgh, Panda and Sons.
We love everything a bit retro and curious, and this bar in the style of an underground Speakeasy ticks all our boxes. It also does a rather potent cocktail or ten.

The front of the bar is quite unassuming, with the facade of a vintage barber shop. One street from George Street, you know there has to be something more. As you travel downstairs you come across the faux bookcase, which is the hidden entrance to the Prohibition style bar itself. Although we have been to Panda and Sons many times now, there is always a moment of suspense as you open the door, not sure what will be on the other side (hint: usually it's packed out and noisy. In a good way).

Push through to a brilliant little bar.
It's not all style over substance though, the cocktails are well thought through. Not the usual sweet drinks we normally go for, we could definitely taste the alcohol in these. Definitely ones to sip and savour. Not all necessarily to our palates either (Vida Villa tastes like soil to us) but there was a huge variety of flavours and a more than a little theatricality about them. The potentially lethal Birdcage Cocktail was very fun, and came under a smokey cloche. Ooh. Aah.

And if you're an old granny like Kim, you can always have a hot chocolate.


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