Friday, 15 August 2014

What Kimberley Wore: Edinburgh Festival

Blouse | Louche @ Joy
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Zara
Flower | Rockafrilly
Watch | Fossil
Ring | Jollygood

Did someone say 'pink'? Our friend Susan is visiting from Dubai and we were talking about the good old school days, back when she didn't particularly like me because I wore only pink. Hot pink everything, with Hello Kitty motifs everywhere. I slowly grew out of this (incidentally around the time I started listening to Biffy Clyro and the likes) and I haven't really worn pink since.
As a homage to my fifteen year old self, I thought I'd give pink another go. I have to say, I felt instantly lifted!
This is my Hawaiian look, re-working the fun shirt that both Helen and I own. Every element of it is a cute surprise.
I wore it to wander round the delights of Edinburgh Festival. Living and working in the city centre means the Festival has become a serious pain in the bum to me. August is a blur of Sunday walkers, lost tourists and people rubbing that bloody dog statue's nose constantly forcing me to walk on the road... raaaage! The amount of tourist photos I have photobombed on my way to Greggs of a lunchtime- Can't they tell I'm on a filled-pastry mission?!
As I have friends visiting (and I now work away from the hustle and bustle), it was nice to soak up the atmosphere on my weekend and learn to enjoy the city again. And in my pinker than pink outfit I couldn't have been happier.

We had our annual gander round the West End Fair, a really mixed bag of stalls with some hidden gems amongst the usual woodwork and tweed, and meant to look round Festival Square stalls too but the lure of our fave Mademoiselle Macaron was too much and we got sucked in for crepes and pastries. The shop is adorable- where else can you lounge on a chaise eating desserts all day? Heaven.

Anyway, it was hard to pull ourself from the little corner of comfort but we did make it to a fun family zombie show, Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead. It was light-hearted and silly, and a bit of a guilty pleasure. But it included some science so I don't need to feel bad about enjoying what was essentially Saturday morning kid's phone-in games, right? (left, up, fiiiiire!!)

You may have noticed my hair colour to match my pink-on-pink outfit. I dyed my hair with Bleach London Rose again and it washed out to a pleasing apricot colour. Wish I could get it to stay this way for any length of time.. it's rinsed out already to a dull warm blonde.
I also attempted to do a wee finger wave to give it some shape but it promptly dropped. I quite like it though, and I'm getting better. Just in time to chop all my hair off again this weekend!
I topped it off with this amazing orchid flower clip from Rockafrilly. I've had my eye on it for a while and thought I'd treat myself while it is still sunny enough. Think I'm going to get a smaller one too.

What do you think of my girly outfit? Too Barbie or sugary sweet?


  1. Absolutely love your outfit and all the bits that make up your look. The blouse is super pretty and I can't help but notice the lovely shades of nail polish!

  2. I LOVE your girly outfit :)