Monday, 29 September 2014

September Round Up

Kimberley photo OctoberRoundUp_zps8fad9166.jpg

Doing: Now that my work-life balance is in check (see August Round Up), I have been busy going out and making friends with other bloggers and other creatives. This is the way blog socialising should be! As well as Made From Scotland, my Mint and Chillies photoshoot and the Cask and Still event, I visited the Edinburgh Casting Studio and squeezed in our Halloween shoots. I've also been spending a lot of my time with our blog guest, Vicky Viola, who is fast becoming a great friend!

Watching: while we were enjoying our Halloween Girl Gang weekend out in the beautiful Angus countryside, we stayed up late with cups of tea (rock'n'roll) and The Craft. This was a firm favourite of mine when I was around 14- who wasn't attempting 'light as a feather, stiff as a board- on school desks? We were all discussing they way we remember all the girls dressing (grunge goth Coven-style) and the truth- which is kind of 90s. And very ordinary (with the exception of mad, bad Nancy of course). Still a great film to get in the mood for our video shoot!

Reading: my last ever paper copy of Company magazine. I just heard that my subscription is ending as Company change to online only. In a way it makes sense (even without the falling sales) because their target audience is largely blogger based, and used to reading about fashion online. Often I mocked Company, with their same-same articles, floral trend every issue, and for a while I was playing "spot the scrunchie". However, there was something enjoyable about turning those matte pages. I'm going to miss you, Company!

Buying: I've bought a couple of things this month but weirdly, my favourite things were some super cheap clip-on earrings from Judy's Vintage Fair. I really like clip- ons (even though I have five piercings on my ears) as I'm partial to a door knocker and find earrings too heavy for my tiny ears. As I am currently into everything pink (partly Moschino's fault and partly due to my candyfloss hair), I bought some Barbie-esque square plastic earrings in baby pink. Can't wait to style them up.

Watching: I've just started watching Twin Peaks. I have heard so many people raving about this David Lynch and Mark Frost show from the 90's that I thought it was about time I checked it out. I am only a few episodes in and already I am loving the absurdity of it all. It has such a strange tone to it, a kind of avant garde soap opera and all the characters are fantastically weird. I think Lucy Moran, the sheriffs receptionist, is my favourite character so far, closely followed by the Log Lady, of course.

Reading: Menu's! I am just back from a fun filled weekend in Edinburgh where each day centred around food. It started off with a trip to Mademoiselle Macaron (a must visit every time I'm in the capital), then there was The Mad Hatter for cocktails and finishing off Saturday with a trip to Burger. Sunday consisted of my first trip to Lovecrumbs and then coffee and chips at Indigo Yard. Yum!

Doing: It's been another busy month, what with our #halloweengirlgang get together, Judy's Vintage Fair, Pout and more. September also saw the first Scottish Jewellery Week, just down the road from me, in Dundee. It was great having events to go to that were a bit closer to home than Edinburgh or Glasgow and it was also fabulous to see so much amazing jewellery talent. My favourite event was the Vanilla Ink End of Year Show which included amazing jewels, an atmospheric fashion show and a free cocktail. Win! You can check out my full write up over on my jewellery blog - Jolly Good.

Buying: One of my first purchases this month was the fabulous egg print dress from The Whitepepper. I'd been eyeing it since seeing their amazing lookbook video and I decided to just go for it. I love the full shape, fun print and the surprise pockets. It's safe to say it won't be the last Whitepepper item to make it into my wardrobe. Now I just need the perfect breakfast themed outfit post to really show it off, watch this space...

Friday, 26 September 2014

Feeling Pretty Vexed

Pretty Vexed very kindly let me borrow a couple of leather fashion harness for use in our special Halloween shoot last weekend. I'd been eyeing up these pieces ever since taking part in a leatherwork class taught by designer behind the brand, Pamela Goodman. A leather harness it not something I'd usually go for but I knew it'd be perfect for the dramatic look I wanted. I have to say, I kinda got into wearing them and that got me thinking of how I could style them with some everyday items from my wardrobe. So, before I had to hand them back, I thought I'd have a little more fun.....

Outfit 1

The Bee Harness | Pretty Vexed
Blouse | Charity Shop
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Ebay

For my first look I decided to go for wearing the harness almost like braces to create a fun work look with a bit of a twist. I love how the black straps look contrasted against the white blouse and the wee koala print keeps the whole thing light hearted. I'm not sure what everyone in the office would say but I love the subversive touch the harness adds to an otherwise straight forward ensemble.

Outfit 2

The Rhea Harness | Pretty Vexed
Top | Zara
Skirt | Matalan
Boots | Miss Selfridge
Coat | Topshop

The second harness was bigger and more intricate, a real statement piece. To tone it down a little I decided to wear it with a simple black top. I like the way it just adds a bit of interest and texture to the top part of this outfit. I kept everything else super simple, with layers and modest lengths all helping to balance out the leather.

It;s safe to say I've gone from thinking I could never pull off the harness look to finding a number of ways to incorporate it into my everyday style. I love the fashion forward edge it lends to even the dullest of clothing combinations. It's just a shame I have to give them back! I suggest checking out the Pretty Vexed website for a look at the different styles. And, for those who think the leather look is a bit much, the Exposure jewellery collection is a great way to subtly add a bit of edge to you outfits.

 What do you think, could a leather harness fit in with your style?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Blogger Project: Mint and Chillies

If you follow me on instagram, you may already have seen my sneak peek photos from Mint and Chillies photography and food bloggers. They contacted Helen and me as part of their Edinburgh Blogger Project- details here- and I was honoured to be the first blogger to give it a go.

This was the first shoot I have done alone since we started our blog last year and I have to say that I was a bit nervous before hand. Not that you can tell from the photos- I soon realised how lovely and warm Mint and Chillies are! I met up with photographer Paulina and her husband Stan for a yummy milkshake at my home from home, Mary's Milk Bar (sorry, vegan Stan!), to find out a bit about more about each other. They are interesting and funny- and probably the first people to actually convince me vegan food might actually be worth trying. I've been following them on Instagram for a while and there's always something delicious being prepared.

Paulina's portraits are largely naturally lit, so we took a walk around Grassmarket. She asked me to wear my favourite outfit, so I wore a simple dress and my most regularly used accessories. No posing or theme, we just chatted as she snapped away. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I'm sure you will agree that this lady has talent!

Dress | Dorothy Perkins
Necklace | Karen Mabon
Shoes | Nine West
Bag | Bailey & Quinn
Mid Rings | H&M
Watch | Fossil
Hairclip | Rockafrilly
Nail colour | Revlon

There were SO many beautiful photos that I found it hard to whittle it down to this mere few. I think she has captured by personality and the vibrancy of Edinburgh's streets so well.
Normally Helen and I keep the look of our shoots upbeat. Sometimes this can be hard for me, what with my Resting Bitch Face. Seriously, when my face is relaxed it falls into an evil snooty scowl. In this shoot Paulina really embraced my natural Mean Girl pout, when I wasn't laughing at Stan's jokes.
Which do you prefer? Model mean or fun smiles?

I really had the best afternoon-which I think shows in these wonderful snaps. I'm thinking of ways we can work together again, once Helen has had her turn (soon- keep an eye out!)

Thanks to Paulina and Stan for a fun day and here's to fabulous new friends!

If you are interested in being part of the Mint and Chillies Blogger Project, you an contact them here.
You can also keep up to date with their work by following them on Facebooktwitter and instagram.

All photographs by Mint and Chillies.

Monday, 22 September 2014


As you may have been able to tell from our recent wishlists we are super excited for Halloween. It may be over a month away but we do like to be prepared. This weekend was spent doing just that. In less than two days we managed 15 photo shoots and 1 video shoot, all with a little help from our friends: Miss West End Girl, Miss Vicky Viola and Mr Ross Bull. We can't wait to share the results but, since it's not quite October, we'll have to wait a little bit longer. If you fancy some sneak peeks check out #halloweengirlgang on Instagram. And take a look at these amazing Pop Culture Pencils and Halloween goodies that the lovely Miss West End Girl brought along!

Big thanks also go to honorary girl gang member, Heather, for the fabulously ghoulish cakes.

Are you getting excited for Halloween? 

Friday, 19 September 2014

What Kimberley Wore: Launch Night Times Two

 photo 2011-03-01231550_zps9e32053a.jpg

 photo 2011-03-01231513_zps18ee5b1a.jpg
 photo 2011-03-01231611_zps05c47f09.jpg

Dress | Dorothy Perkins
Jacket | Warehouse
Shoes | Urban Outfitters
Hair Clip | Rockafrilly
Necklace | Karen Mabon
Nail decals | DIY Nails

Last week I had not one launch party but TWO in one night!

I had arranged to meet up with a bunch of the lovely Edinburgh Blogger girls that we met at the recent Afternoon Tea event. We had a good nosy around the wares on sale, and upstairs were also local exhibitors. I got chatting to one of the designers, Catherine Aitken. She makes vibrant modern takes on Harris Tweed handbags. I love her bold orange wool bags and Clueless pink clutches- totally fun and lust- worthy. I adored the cute bow ties from Edinburgh Bow Tie Co. but sadly I couldn't see my husband in one. I also searched out the Amy McGregor's homeware and scarves to see the print in real life. It is as luxe as I dreamed- definitely on my wishlist! Other designers included that I love are Kirsteen Stewart, The Grey Earl and Gillian Kyle.
 photo madefromscotand_zps6ffe8089.jpg

I recommend you pop in at some point soon- it's on 115 Rose Street and is here until the end of October- perfect for early Christmas gifts!

Next, a group of us headed over to the launch party of The Cask and Still bar in Leith.
What used to be The Volunteer Arms (featured in Trainspotting) has had a huge refurbishment to become the swanky, manly new ale and whiskey bar. They have a good cocktail list for us girlier girls too. I had a cheeky Raspberry Gin Fizz, made with Edinburgh Gin, which I paired with the delicious Soul Sushi nibbles they had on offer.

 photo CaskandStillPIC_zpsddeada79.jpg
The guys from Edinburgh Gin were stilling gin live at the event and offered everyone a taste of the results. Cannonball, with Szechuan pepper aftertaste, was a bit strong for my delicate palate but everyone else seemed to knock it back! It was a great night with live music and a warm atmosphere.
I will probably be a regular here so I'll see you there soon!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kimberley's September Wishlist

As the nights are drawing in, I'm edging towards a sweeter version of dark:

1.) Holly top | Naromode
I recently bought the Naromode duck t shirt and my love for the brand is growing. We saw this at the Tea Green pop-Up back in August but this colour seems just as appropriate for Autumn/ Winter. Their scarves are high on my shopping priorities right now too.

2.) Glittered ghostie hairclip | Alternate Normality
I am in the real mood for sparkles at the moment, which doesn't normally hit me until Christmas time but with so much choice I'm being drawn in already. These novelty hair clips are perfect for my new bob- and not just for Halloween. I also loved the watermelon slices and candyfloss!

3.) Pastel necklace | Pretty Paisley
More is more with Pretty Paisley accessories and that's okay with me. Most of their gems look like they've been modelled on Pat Butcher's earrings- awesome!- and there are plenty of combinations to choose from.

4.) Randi Embossed Bee Shoes | Miista
To go with the ant print top, I am loving the bee print on these cute shoes. A girl can never have too many pairs of loafers- I have about 4 already. None with bees, though!

5.) Pink camera bag | Grafea
I don't own a big fancy camera (mostly because I can't use them, that's what I have a Helen for) but if I did I would require this to carry it around in. Or I could just use it as the fabulous padded handbag that it is. Magnificent!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Helen's September Wishlist

Leaves have begun falling from trees and, even though we've been promised an Indian Summer, I've started planning for the darker months ahead. Mainly by getting way too excited for Halloween and keeping my eyes open for some spooky sartorial choices. So far I've found this little lot.....

1.) Cat A Fore Dress | Lazy Oaf
Lazy Oaf's winter collection has now hit, accompanied by a rather wonderful fashion film. I loved their cat dress so it's no surprise that I now have my eyes on this daytime alternative. I've never been big on dungaree style dresses but this one adds something rather special in the shape of two little cat ears to fit with the cute kitty face.

2.) Witchboard Clutch | Falconwright
I spotted this little clutch on instagram quite a while ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. It's part of their new Curses Collection which features an amazing array of prints, making it super hard to pick a favourite. This one still has a special spot on my wishlist though.

3.) Moonstone Deco Ring | Datter Industries
This ring has been on my lust list for a very long time so I thought it was about time it featured in one of these posts. I love the colour of the stone next to the silver of the metal and the pattern of the band. One day it will be mine! 

4.) Pointed Heels | ASOS
I love the little heel and pointed toe of this shoe but it is the pom pom that totally steals the show. The black colour makes them extremely wearable with that little added feature giving them a bit more oomph. 

5.) Cherry Frames | Miu Miu
I was reading Gala Darling's blog when I spotted these beautiful frames. I then went on a bit of an internet search and found they came a lovely selection of colours and effects. These cherry ones definitely win my heart but the grey marble ones are a very close second.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blog Crushes 04

Attending the Edinburgh Blogger Tea Party opened our eyes to the wealth of bloggers situated in our fine capital. From fashion, to beauty, to music it's all covered. The lovely ladies behind the Edinburgh Blogger group have even put together a handy list. Our blog feeds have certainly grown after checking out the list and we thought we'd pick our favourites for this edition of our Blog Crushes.

Kimberley is crushing on... Love From Lou Lou

Louise has been blogging for a few years now and her quirky, charming style is right up my street. I envy every outfit I see but what I love about Lou Lou's blog is that she has the opposite body frame and look to myself so I can enjoy looking through outfits that I wouldn't think of putting together for myself. She is cute, chic, and well put together in minimalist shapes with edgy accessories. While she has a strong look, she's no one-trick pony when it comes to style. Check it out for yourself on Twitter and Instagram.

Helen is crushing on... SkittlisFashion

Cynthia Hungwe is the super creative lady behind SkittlisFashion and sure knows how to dress, mixing patterns and prints with some killer accessories. Her wardrobe is full of bright colour and amazing shapes that work together to create a high impact look. I also love her fun photos and use of different Edinburgh locations.

You can also find Cynthia on twitter and instagram for a daily colour fix.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Behind the Scenes at Wear Eponymous

A few weeks ago we made our way through to Glasgow for a super fun day collaborating with Wear Eponymous. This Glasgow- based fashion brand is a growing one that we have been rooting for for some time- a passionate team of creative individuals who are bringing together sustainable, ethically produced clothing. They sell good quality staple pieces that every woman could use in her wardrobe and will transcend the trends.

The lovely folks behind the brand had suggested we style up some of theit items and then film the results. Having not stepped into the scary world of the moving image it's safe to say we were more than a little nervous. We'd been wanting to try it for a while but actually doing it was a different matter. Luckily the Wear Eponymous team were amazing and put us at ease straight away.

The selection of items was rather impressive, so much so that we found it really difficult to choose just three outfits! We decided to stick with our regular format of picking a look and each styling it our own way. We decided to go for our trusted monochrome for the first look and then a pastel ensemble for the second. For the last look we decided just to go for our favourite pieces.

After we'd finished dancing in front of the camera we felt pretty great. There's nothing quite like stepping out of your comfort zone and having an amazing time to really boost your confidence. It's safe to say we are now totally sold on this whole video thing and can't wait to make some more. Vlogging here we come.

After the initial shoot we then had the anxious wait to see the final thing. It was strange handing over that creative editing control when we're so used to taking and editing our blog photos. Of course we had nothing to worry about. The video was shared last Monday as part of Wear Eponymous' #WESurprise twitter party and we are so happy with it. They managed to capture our style and goofiness perfectly in this fun little video.

Film by Wear Eponymous.
Clothes from Wear Eponymous.
Accessories our own.
Huge thanks to Laura, Elaine, Alan and Chris for such a great day.