Monday, 1 September 2014

Be Our Guest: Vicky Viola

We have something a bit different for you today, or should we say someone. We'd like to introduce you to our wonderful friend, Vicky Viola. Not only does she have an amazing name, she also has killer style and is incredibly lovely to boot! One thing we've been wanting to do with the blog for a while is get some some other folk in on our conversation. Having loved Vicky's posts over on the Vivid Please blog, and generally just coveting her style, we knew she'd be perfect for our first guest post. Take it away lady....

Dress | Karen Mabon x Coco Fennell
Belt | ASOS
Shoes | Office
Hankerchief (in hair) | Vivienne Westwood
Glasses | Vintage

By the time I got into my twenties I realised I was born in the wrong era. I am meant to be living my days in the 1950s, where femininity was being embraced and the clothing was created to fit you in all the right places. I have always expressed myself through quirky get ups and 'creative looks' shall we say *ahem*, but since hitting up the 50's I had an epiphany; this is who I am. I wouldn't have been a house wife (although I do love to rock an 'I Love Lucy' get up), I would have been more of a rockabilly bad girl like Wanda Woodward from Cry Baby or a Beauty School Drop Out like Frenchie from Grease (although I'd have died my hair that shade of pink on purpose and would have used a lot more profanities, she is a little too sweet for me!) So naturally, for a long time I've been looking for a rock n roll day dress that can sum up all of these things before I even open my mouth. Weirdly enough, this isn't something most girls are looking for in todays world! It might have taken me years, but when I finally discovered this Karen Mabon / Coco Fennell dress I fell off my chair. THE SEARCH IS OVER!

The cut of the dress is the perfect mixture of modern and vintage with its structured shirt top and lady like skater skirt, making it a great little number to pop to the shops in. The sharp collar is screams bad girl and the embroidered rose and scissors is the rockabilly-beauty-school-drop-out detailing I've been obsessively looking for all these years. Perfect! It's well made and looks cracking with my 3 favourite accessories - a massive quiff, wing tipped glasses and a good old waist belt to enhance those curves. What more could a girl need in life? Dressed up with some polka dot tights and cute shoes and I'm ready to go dancin' if you're asking... though there better be a jukebox in the corner or I'll be hitching a ride on some dudes motorcycle faster than you can say 'Like rama lama lama ka ding da dinga dong', got it?

Thanks so much for inviting me to hang out on the blog ladies! Shooting with you has been such a blast, I've never felt so stylish on a day out - it's safe to say I have a full blown girl crush on you both <3 Girl Gangs Forever! xox

Thanks Vicky! If you enjoy this lady's style as much as we do you can follow her over on Instagram. Her feed is full of inspirational quotes and fabulous accessories. And watch out for her new blogging project that will be coming soon, we can't wait!

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