Monday, 8 September 2014

Behind the Scenes at Wear Eponymous

A few weeks ago we made our way through to Glasgow for a super fun day collaborating with Wear Eponymous. This Glasgow- based fashion brand is a growing one that we have been rooting for for some time- a passionate team of creative individuals who are bringing together sustainable, ethically produced clothing. They sell good quality staple pieces that every woman could use in her wardrobe and will transcend the trends.

The lovely folks behind the brand had suggested we style up some of theit items and then film the results. Having not stepped into the scary world of the moving image it's safe to say we were more than a little nervous. We'd been wanting to try it for a while but actually doing it was a different matter. Luckily the Wear Eponymous team were amazing and put us at ease straight away.

The selection of items was rather impressive, so much so that we found it really difficult to choose just three outfits! We decided to stick with our regular format of picking a look and each styling it our own way. We decided to go for our trusted monochrome for the first look and then a pastel ensemble for the second. For the last look we decided just to go for our favourite pieces.

After we'd finished dancing in front of the camera we felt pretty great. There's nothing quite like stepping out of your comfort zone and having an amazing time to really boost your confidence. It's safe to say we are now totally sold on this whole video thing and can't wait to make some more. Vlogging here we come.

After the initial shoot we then had the anxious wait to see the final thing. It was strange handing over that creative editing control when we're so used to taking and editing our blog photos. Of course we had nothing to worry about. The video was shared last Monday as part of Wear Eponymous' #WESurprise twitter party and we are so happy with it. They managed to capture our style and goofiness perfectly in this fun little video.

Film by Wear Eponymous.
Clothes from Wear Eponymous.
Accessories our own.
Huge thanks to Laura, Elaine, Alan and Chris for such a great day.

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  1. What a cool video! Love your choices. Looks like a lot of fun :)