Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blog Crushes 04

Attending the Edinburgh Blogger Tea Party opened our eyes to the wealth of bloggers situated in our fine capital. From fashion, to beauty, to music it's all covered. The lovely ladies behind the Edinburgh Blogger group have even put together a handy list. Our blog feeds have certainly grown after checking out the list and we thought we'd pick our favourites for this edition of our Blog Crushes.

Kimberley is crushing on... Love From Lou Lou

Louise has been blogging for a few years now and her quirky, charming style is right up my street. I envy every outfit I see but what I love about Lou Lou's blog is that she has the opposite body frame and look to myself so I can enjoy looking through outfits that I wouldn't think of putting together for myself. She is cute, chic, and well put together in minimalist shapes with edgy accessories. While she has a strong look, she's no one-trick pony when it comes to style. Check it out for yourself on Twitter and Instagram.

Helen is crushing on... SkittlisFashion

Cynthia Hungwe is the super creative lady behind SkittlisFashion and sure knows how to dress, mixing patterns and prints with some killer accessories. Her wardrobe is full of bright colour and amazing shapes that work together to create a high impact look. I also love her fun photos and use of different Edinburgh locations.

You can also find Cynthia on twitter and instagram for a daily colour fix.

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