Monday, 15 September 2014

Helen's September Wishlist

Leaves have begun falling from trees and, even though we've been promised an Indian Summer, I've started planning for the darker months ahead. Mainly by getting way too excited for Halloween and keeping my eyes open for some spooky sartorial choices. So far I've found this little lot.....

1.) Cat A Fore Dress | Lazy Oaf
Lazy Oaf's winter collection has now hit, accompanied by a rather wonderful fashion film. I loved their cat dress so it's no surprise that I now have my eyes on this daytime alternative. I've never been big on dungaree style dresses but this one adds something rather special in the shape of two little cat ears to fit with the cute kitty face.

2.) Witchboard Clutch | Falconwright
I spotted this little clutch on instagram quite a while ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. It's part of their new Curses Collection which features an amazing array of prints, making it super hard to pick a favourite. This one still has a special spot on my wishlist though.

3.) Moonstone Deco Ring | Datter Industries
This ring has been on my lust list for a very long time so I thought it was about time it featured in one of these posts. I love the colour of the stone next to the silver of the metal and the pattern of the band. One day it will be mine! 

4.) Pointed Heels | ASOS
I love the little heel and pointed toe of this shoe but it is the pom pom that totally steals the show. The black colour makes them extremely wearable with that little added feature giving them a bit more oomph. 

5.) Cherry Frames | Miu Miu
I was reading Gala Darling's blog when I spotted these beautiful frames. I then went on a bit of an internet search and found they came a lovely selection of colours and effects. These cherry ones definitely win my heart but the grey marble ones are a very close second.


  1. Great picks! I adore those frames and reckon they'd look fab on you! xx

  2. Ah I love everything on this list.

  3. i want ALL OF THESE THINGS! i especially love the bag and glasses though. and the shoes, love the pom pom!