Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kimberley's September Wishlist

As the nights are drawing in, I'm edging towards a sweeter version of dark:

1.) Holly top | Naromode
I recently bought the Naromode duck t shirt and my love for the brand is growing. We saw this at the Tea Green pop-Up back in August but this colour seems just as appropriate for Autumn/ Winter. Their scarves are high on my shopping priorities right now too.

2.) Glittered ghostie hairclip | Alternate Normality
I am in the real mood for sparkles at the moment, which doesn't normally hit me until Christmas time but with so much choice I'm being drawn in already. These novelty hair clips are perfect for my new bob- and not just for Halloween. I also loved the watermelon slices and candyfloss!

3.) Pastel necklace | Pretty Paisley
More is more with Pretty Paisley accessories and that's okay with me. Most of their gems look like they've been modelled on Pat Butcher's earrings- awesome!- and there are plenty of combinations to choose from.

4.) Randi Embossed Bee Shoes | Miista
To go with the ant print top, I am loving the bee print on these cute shoes. A girl can never have too many pairs of loafers- I have about 4 already. None with bees, though!

5.) Pink camera bag | Grafea
I don't own a big fancy camera (mostly because I can't use them, that's what I have a Helen for) but if I did I would require this to carry it around in. Or I could just use it as the fabulous padded handbag that it is. Magnificent!

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