Monday, 29 September 2014

September Round Up

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Doing: Now that my work-life balance is in check (see August Round Up), I have been busy going out and making friends with other bloggers and other creatives. This is the way blog socialising should be! As well as Made From Scotland, my Mint and Chillies photoshoot and the Cask and Still event, I visited the Edinburgh Casting Studio and squeezed in our Halloween shoots. I've also been spending a lot of my time with our blog guest, Vicky Viola, who is fast becoming a great friend!

Watching: while we were enjoying our Halloween Girl Gang weekend out in the beautiful Angus countryside, we stayed up late with cups of tea (rock'n'roll) and The Craft. This was a firm favourite of mine when I was around 14- who wasn't attempting 'light as a feather, stiff as a board- on school desks? We were all discussing they way we remember all the girls dressing (grunge goth Coven-style) and the truth- which is kind of 90s. And very ordinary (with the exception of mad, bad Nancy of course). Still a great film to get in the mood for our video shoot!

Reading: my last ever paper copy of Company magazine. I just heard that my subscription is ending as Company change to online only. In a way it makes sense (even without the falling sales) because their target audience is largely blogger based, and used to reading about fashion online. Often I mocked Company, with their same-same articles, floral trend every issue, and for a while I was playing "spot the scrunchie". However, there was something enjoyable about turning those matte pages. I'm going to miss you, Company!

Buying: I've bought a couple of things this month but weirdly, my favourite things were some super cheap clip-on earrings from Judy's Vintage Fair. I really like clip- ons (even though I have five piercings on my ears) as I'm partial to a door knocker and find earrings too heavy for my tiny ears. As I am currently into everything pink (partly Moschino's fault and partly due to my candyfloss hair), I bought some Barbie-esque square plastic earrings in baby pink. Can't wait to style them up.

Watching: I've just started watching Twin Peaks. I have heard so many people raving about this David Lynch and Mark Frost show from the 90's that I thought it was about time I checked it out. I am only a few episodes in and already I am loving the absurdity of it all. It has such a strange tone to it, a kind of avant garde soap opera and all the characters are fantastically weird. I think Lucy Moran, the sheriffs receptionist, is my favourite character so far, closely followed by the Log Lady, of course.

Reading: Menu's! I am just back from a fun filled weekend in Edinburgh where each day centred around food. It started off with a trip to Mademoiselle Macaron (a must visit every time I'm in the capital), then there was The Mad Hatter for cocktails and finishing off Saturday with a trip to Burger. Sunday consisted of my first trip to Lovecrumbs and then coffee and chips at Indigo Yard. Yum!

Doing: It's been another busy month, what with our #halloweengirlgang get together, Judy's Vintage Fair, Pout and more. September also saw the first Scottish Jewellery Week, just down the road from me, in Dundee. It was great having events to go to that were a bit closer to home than Edinburgh or Glasgow and it was also fabulous to see so much amazing jewellery talent. My favourite event was the Vanilla Ink End of Year Show which included amazing jewels, an atmospheric fashion show and a free cocktail. Win! You can check out my full write up over on my jewellery blog - Jolly Good.

Buying: One of my first purchases this month was the fabulous egg print dress from The Whitepepper. I'd been eyeing it since seeing their amazing lookbook video and I decided to just go for it. I love the full shape, fun print and the surprise pockets. It's safe to say it won't be the last Whitepepper item to make it into my wardrobe. Now I just need the perfect breakfast themed outfit post to really show it off, watch this space...

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