Friday, 5 September 2014

Styled by Helen: Coco Fennell

Dress | Coco Fennell
Shoes | Dorothy Perkins
Rings | VeraMeat & Datter Industries

So it's been a week of fawning over these amazing Coco Fennell dresses and I for one do not mind at all. When you find a shape, style and fit that has 3 different ladies feeling so happy and confident, you know you're onto a winner. Especially after we'd just been for a slap up brunch at the City Cafe, the dresses sure do a good job of hiding our food babies!

This lobster number is my second Coco Fennell purchase, the first being the Pill Popper dress that Kimberley rocked earlier this week. After falling for the shape I knew I wanted a brighter version. I loved this one when it first came out, and then it went on sale, and then there was free shipping, at that point I knew it was time to give in.

You can pretty much tell how much I love it by the lack of accessories I've added to this outfit. The dress speaks for itself and matched with my orange hair means I'm pretty hard to miss. Plus the lobster detail makes it a bit quirky. One accessory I am tempted to add is my Tatty Devine Lobster Necklace for ultimate crustacean overload!

Not only was having Vicky with us super fun but it also meant Kimberley and I got to have a few pictures together. It's ridiculous how rarely this happens, usually one of us is on the other side of the camera, so it's always nice to get a selection when we can.

What's your go to dress shape?


  1. I really like this, just having detail on the collar is lovely. The lobster reminds me of the cover for the rosie project (the book). It's excellent.

  2. That dress is so awesome!

  3. you both are cuties! this is my favourite kind of dress too, and looks so good on many different kinds of figures. i've wanted that pill popper dress since it came out! i hope to afford it one day :)