Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Styled by Kimberley: Coco Fennell

Dress | Coco Fennell X Karen Mabon
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I seriously cannot get enough of these Coco Fennell X Karen Mabon dresses. This Pill Popper one belongs to Helen and was worn by her to the Electric Circus Beep Beep Yeah night. It's available online- the only kind of shopping I really do not do- so I have been meaning to try it on since I saw her jiving and twisting in it. I cannot believe I waited so long- it is a forgiving fabric in a flattering cut, which I find is something of a rarity for this kind of price. I think the dress suits all three of us girls' bodies perfectly. It both compliments and creates curves. And it give a nice twiiiiiiiiiirl. What more do you need?
I already had the Silence of the Lambs bee dress picked out as my first purchase but now Coco Fennell has gone and released her new line and my greedy eyes are in a whirl!
You can check out the entire collection here.

I am thrilled that Vicky Viola (her actual name- could she be any cooler?!) was able to join us as a guest blogger for the day. We had a great time together goofing around in our triplet outfits and she brought some real style and sass to the shoot. I'm glad it was the tail end of the Edinburgh Fringe, so no one so much as second glanced at our matching retro uniforms. Vicky majorly trumped me on accessories but as she makes me look super tall next to her, I guess I shall forgive her. And she is a total sweetheart, too!

Girl Gangs forever!

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  1. Fab pictures and the dress is beautiful. I love the detailing on the collar xx