Friday, 24 October 2014

A Halloween Girl Gang and a Bag Full of Treats

Here we all are in our Unlikely Horror Icon get ups. Just add some pillowcases and we are ready to go guising. Do make sure you check out these awesome gifs from Miss Vicky Viola and Miss West End Girl using the fab (but sadly only iOS enabled) Party Party app. They really bring the photos to life in a super fun way.

This shoot was all about using influences from horror movie characters to create stylish (if a little over the top) outfits instead of costumes. And, what we've really been enjoying about Halloween over the past few years is all the special spooky themed items brought out by designers, brands and stores. They make great little touches of creepiness without going OTT. Here are some of our favourites to get your wardrobe ready for All Hallows Eve without having to head to the costume shop:

1.) Glitter Bat Clips | Crown & Glory
Hair accessories are always a great way to introduce a bit of Halloween into any outfit. These glittery bats are perfect for up do's, down do's and witchy do's.

2.) Boo Sweatshirt | Pop Boutique on ASOS
It's cheesy, corny and tacky to the max but we absolutely love it. Granted it may be a little harder to pull off for the rest of the year but we'd give it a damn good go. Why should Christmas get all the awesome jumpers?!

3.) Moving Skeleton Necklace | Rock Cakes
This wee skeleton comes in a number of fabulous colours and we love that he moves around. It means we can make him do a funky skeleton dance. Come on everyone "the thigh bone's connected to the knee bone, the knee bone's connected to the shin bone...."

4.) Halloween Decals | DIY Nails
The queen of nail decals saves the day again with this great mix of ghoulish designs. We love a bot of themed nail art (as demonstrated last year) but sometimes you need awesome nails in a rush. These are the perfect solution!

5.) Spider Dolly Shoes | Charlotte Olympia
These spooky shoes may be a little out of our price range but they are fabulously creepy and yet still rather elegant. From further away it's hard to tell that the little gold additions are actually teeny spiders. We love items that look pretty but, on closer inspection, have a bit of a harder edge.

6.) Glitter Jack O Lantern | Luna on the Moon
It's a glittery pumpkin!!!!! What more could we possibly want to collect our Halloween candy in?!

What Halloween themed items are you coveting?

Girl Gang photos by Ross Bull.

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