Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Coven: Styled by Miss Vicky Viola

Dress | Vivienne Westwood (bought for £40 at a market!)
Veil | Handmade- tutorial here
Shoes | Topshop
Glasses | vintage
Brooch | Runaway Fox
Ring | Rainnua on Etsy

How fantastically creepy does our blogging BFF Miss Vicky Viola look?! When she wasn't lounging on tomb stones she was sashaying around in her amazing Vivienne Westwood gown and handmade veil. In person it was much harder to see her face behind the swathes of material- good thing she is always smiling or laughing or we would be high tailing it out of the graveyard faster than you can say "Mrs Havisham". If you like her look you should check out her blog post here- complete with a DIY for making the spooky Day of the Dead veil.

We are fast approaching the Witching Hour and as we mentioned yesterday, we've already made our Halloween plans and we are super excited about them. How will you be spending yours?
If you still haven't decided fear not- we've got a host of choice for you!

Samhuinn Fire Festival | The Beltane Fire Society
You cannot live in Edinburgh and not know about the Beltane Society and it's incredible fire festivals. This year the Samhuinn Ferstival will start on The Royal Mile at 9pm. Definitely worth a visit!

Ghost Tour | City of the Dead
There are plenty of ghost tours to get you in the mood. Edinburgh is known for its paranormal activity and there are a few companies to pick from, including City of the Dead. We've done this one and found it both interesting and creepy.

The Ghost Bus Tours | Edinburgh
If you fancy an Edinburgh ghost tour but don't want to worry about schlepping through the cold, wet catacombs this is the tour for you. The tours are reasonably priced and the black London bus picks you up from the city centre in Chambers Street. If you're not free on 31 October this one can be done any time of year and is on our To Do list!

Murder Mystery Evening | Mary King's Close
The folks at Mary King's Close have a whole week of different events to celebrate Halloween and we can't resist a Murder Mystery (remember Kimberley's Killer Hen Party?) this one is set during a 1940's air raid so you can extend the fancy dress to 8th November.

How are you spending All Hallow's Eve? We'd love to hear from you!

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