Friday, 3 October 2014

Dressing Up at Judy's

When shopping vintage, it is so important to try stuff on. With the wide array of different brands, designers and time periods what it says on the label may not quite equate to the modern day equivalent. Sometimes this can be heart breaking and sometimes it can make your day.  There were a number of these experiences at Judy's Vintage Fair last Sunday....

Kimberley looked like a bad ass beauty queen in this amazing frock. The colour was perfect on her and the detailing was just beautiful. And how tiny does her waist look! Unfortunately vintage sizes meant it didn't quite fit around her curvier areas. It's so sad when an item comes so close to perfection.

Our lovely friend Miss Vicky Viola scored this fantastic 50's number. Check out that print and the awesome colour combo! Looking at the dress on the hanger we were all a little dubious that the tiny waist would fit even Vicky's  petite frame. As you can see we had nothing to worry about as it looked great on her. Especially when matched with her new magazine bag, which she also picked up at the fair. I won't be able to borrow her new dress but you can bet I'll be nabbing her cute clutch the first opportunity I get.

And I tried on this rather excellent velvet number. It fit really well (in a small child going to party kinda way, but that's how I like it) and the colour was perfect for the coming season. Why, oh why didn't I buy it!!!! It was a total snip at only £20 and was in really good condition too. I blame my sensible head and the fact it wasn't quite pay day yet. It's true, nothing haunts you quite like the things you didn't buy.

Kim and I may have missed out on these fab dresses but we still managed to treat ourselves to something. I picked up an ever so soft scarf from Peggy Mae Vintage. I'd been looking for a full on tartan affair but when I spotted these soft, muted colours I couldn't resist. Kimberley nabbed two pairs of retro clip on earrings, which means I can borrow them! The pink Barbie-esque ones are totally plastic fantastic, while the pearl drop ones are a touch classier (in a Pat Butcher kinda way). Both pairs would have looked so perfect worn with the prom dress above.. sob!

Have you found (or missed out on) any vintage gems recently? 

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