Friday, 17 October 2014

Halloween Special: Creepy Victorian Girl Gang Album

As well as the colour versions of our Victorian Portraits we also put together some (slightly) more historically accurate sepia ones. Or should we say we found these in a creepy haunted attic? That would be much more Halloween appropriate, so let's stick with that story. We had a lot of fun having us all together for some group portraits, Addams Family style. We make one creepy Victorian girl gang, but did have a bit of trouble keeping the serious faces on.

We also had a go at some more traditional mourning photographs, where those grieving would dress in black and hide their faces from the camera.  It makes for a very odd photographic keepsake, that's for sure.

Photography by Ross Bull.

We hope you've enjoyed our first week of special Halloween posts? There is more coming next week, this time with a less sombre feel. There will be a mix  of smiles and threatening glares. You have been warned.

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