Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Special: Creepy Victorian Portraits- Kimberley

Top | Primark
Skirt | borrowed
Socks | Topshop
Shoes | Office
Brooch | c/o Runaway Fox
Hairclips | c/o Runaway Fox
Flower ring | c/o Runaway Fox
Lips | Revlon Colourburst

Hooray, it's my turn. This week we are putting a modern spin on an Addams Family Portrait, basing it on Vistorian mourning portraits and post-mortem photographs. It's the literally stuff of nightmares, although clearly a cultural norm for them. As well as the sort of casket photographs, wheat really disturbs me are the ones where family members propped the deceased up as though they were alive and sitting with them. Gives me the heebie jeebies!

This was a really fun shoot to do (with way more giggles than should be allowed on such a sombre shoot). The look I was going for was that of a creepy child, complete with Peter Pan collar, loose silhouette and frilly socks. I'm not really used to wearing something loose both on top and bottom, preferring a more streamlined look. However, I though it would make me more youthful and current, and make our group portrait more like that of a family.

... However, I think I might have a touch of the maid about me!

As we mentioned yesterday, we are showcasing all of the creepy- beautiful wares from Runaway Fox. Each of these pieces are from different collections but they work so well together. The simple roebuck skull brooch works perfectly with my blouse but I think my favourite is the hairclips, made from fake seagull eyes used by real taxidermists. I love the way they look like polkadots from far away but grow more sinister as you look closer. Much like my own face. My cursed Resting Bitch Face was perfect for this shoot. I didn't have to try at all to look mean.

Okay. it wasn't always easy to keep straight- faced. But who can blame me with my #Halloweengirlgang around to cheer me on!

Helen has a truly terrifying portrait for you tomorrow and then you can see our group portrait on Friday. Until then, sleep tight!

Photography by Ross Bull.