Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Last weekend Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair came back to Edinburgh. We have been to it before and it is one of our favourites- it comes to Glasgow on the Saturday and Edinburgh on the Sunday. The fair tours all over the UK to bring you reasonably priced retro, vintage and re-worked goodies from a whole host of stallholders. It is always well curated so you will be guaranteed to find what you are looking for- however eclectic your tastes. A whole box of fabric scrunchies? Sure. An apron made from retro bedspreads? Of course. 80's shell suit? Why not!

Both of us were brought up on car boot sales and this is like the sale of dreams. Inside, warm and beautifully displayed. We walked around three times to make sure we didn't miss out on any gems, and I for one already regret letting a few items slip through my fingers.

One was a re-worked midi skirt made from a curtain fabric. The weight of the material made it hang beautifully and the pattern was surprisingly subtle when reduce down to a piece of clothing. Half the rail sold out while we made one round so I wasn't the only person to notice how awesome these pieces were! On my wishlist.

I also found some perfect 60's dresses but with my 21st century figure I couldn't squeeze myself into them. I was also on a mission to find a turban. The gorgeous Miss West End Girl recently gifted me one recently and I am hooked! Sadly the only one I found that fit my massive head was a pink I Dream Of Jeannie one. A bit too costume.

We played with a lot of the clothes. I'm sure you have noticed that I am a fan of the ridiculous and you just never know what weird and wonderful pieces you will fall in love with when you see them on yourself. We are all about fun with fashion here. Sometimes you get it horribly wrong... but then you get it spectacularly right. Look out for our dressing up post on Friday to see my dream prom dress. Swoon!

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