Friday, 10 October 2014

Styled by Helen: Gemporia

Coat | Topshop via Charity Shop
Scarf | Birthday gift
Cardigan | New Look
Tshirt | Zara
Skirt | H&M
Boots | Zara
Necklace | Gemporia*
Brass rings | Datter Industries and VeraMeat
Silver rings | Made by me

I decided to keep it casual for my Gemporia look, but added a little extra sparkle with this Zara tee. I love the mirrored raindrops and how the silver and gold match the tones of the necklace. The designs of both are perfect for autumn, with the leaves falling from the trees and the weather being even more unpredictable. Luckily the rain stayed off for these pictures, but we still had the added autumnal bonus of plenty of leaves to crunch. 

The slightly chillier weather is a great excuse to layer up with cardigans and scarves. I love this zig zag one, with it's Missoni-esque colour palette. The nip in the air was also the perfect excuse to pop into Mademoiselle Macaron for takeaway coffee and colourful treats. It may be a bit of a blogger cliche, but every time I'm in Edinburgh I have to stop by this cute cafe and grab something tasty.

With the silver being mixed with gold in both the necklace and my top I decided to do the same with my rings. Usually I am an either/or kinda gal, so it felt unusual to mix my brass rings with my silver ones, but I really liked the effect. Will definitely be doing more mixing of metals in the future.


  1. i really like this look ..but i especially like that scarf! looks fantastic on you too.

  2. Thanks Laura :) It's so soft and cosy, kind of like a mini blanket. Hx