Thursday, 23 October 2014

Unlikely Horror Icon: Helen

Hat | Charity Shop
Dress | H&M
Boots | Charity Shop
Leather Harness | Pretty Vexed
Eye Ring | Cheap Frills
Black Ring | Archetype Z
Necklace | gift from my sis

1.) Why did you choose your Unlikely horror icon?
Ever since I found this awesome bowler hat in a charity shop I have been wanting to use it in A Clockwork Orange style get up. It was a bargain at only £5 and, though I have worn it a fair few times, this is the outfit it was meant for. Inspired by the infamous Alex, played by Malcom McDowell, I created my own monochrome take on the gangs stylised outfits. I love that the costumes can be boiled down to a few key parts (namely a bowler hat and one heavily eyelashed eye) and you can still recognise the movie reference straight away. I decided to opt for a white dress rather than the oversized jockstrap look and changed up the white braces for this amazing Pretty Vexed harness. The Cheap Frills eye ring is my little reference to the aversion therapy scenes in the movie.

2.) What's your favourite horror film?
As with the other girls, this is a rather tough question for me. I would probably have to go with The Descent. I love how dark and claustrophobic it is and the fact that it contains a mostly female cast who play well developed characters that don't just run, scream, fall over and scream some more. It also has some genuinely shocking moments without relying on gore or quiet, quiet, BANG moments. The sequel on the other hand, to say I was disappointed would be putting it very mildly.

3.) What's your favourite costume you have worn?
I hated it at the time, but I now kinda love my childhood witch costume that consisted of a bin bag, witches hat (with green hair attached) and a walking stick with twigs taped to the bottom. I also had a pretty awesome bat costume that my Dad made me out of pairs of tights, black cardboard and black lace. It was later turned into a cat costume for my little sister. I love that my childhood costumes were handmade and a bit slapdash. Shop bought costumes are so cheap and easy to come by now but they definitely don't have the same charm. I have tried to keep up the tradition of making my own, including Carrie  and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. My favourite costume made by me was Zombie Cheerleader. There was fake blood, pom poms and coloured contact lenses. Safe to say it scared a number of small children.

4.) What is your dream costume?
I would like something really creepy and eerie. Something in vain of Silent Hill that will really make small children cry. I am great believer that Halloween costumes should be scary (just forget I mentioned the Dorothy costume) so I would love to be all dressed up in something truly nightmarish.

5.) How do you normally spend Halloween? And what was your best Halloween?
I don't really have a typical Halloween. From zombie walks, to nights out dancing, to running my own short horror film festival (called Village of the Damned), they have been pretty varied. It does usually involve the ingredients of dressing up and gorging on sweets and horror flicks.

My best Halloween so far was probably the first year of Village of the Damned. We showed some great films like Nursery Crimes, Peekers, Mime Massacre and Zombie Asockalypse.  It was lot of hard work to put it together but so worth it to see friends, family and strangers sharing in my love of all things horror and enjoying the punchy format of short films. 

6.) Have you ever heard things go bump in the night?
I'm afraid not. I know it's a bit rubbish for the last question in our horror Q&A series, but I'm not a believer in ghosts and ghouls. That doesn't mean I don't like a good ghost story. I love nothing more than being thoroughly creeped out by tales of the sinister and unexplained. Two sentence horror stories are my newest obsession and I love this short film, Tuck Me In, that was inspired by one of them.

Photography by Ross Bull.

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