Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Unlikely Horror Icon: Kimberley


Shirt | Primark
Trousers | Topshop
Velvet jacket | borrowed from Helen
Shoes | Debenhams
Teeth Clips | Ladybird Likes
Bowtie necklace | Lady Luck Rules OK

1.) Why did you choose your Unlikely Horror Icon?
My unlikely style icon (horror edition) is Billy the Puppet from Saw. eee aaaawww eeeee aww (that's his tricycle, obvs). I picked him because, well, he's bloody terrifying!
Billy the Puppet has horrendous hair but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to be creative. My hair is naturally very straight and flat; a blessing and a curse. Luckily I had Vicky the Back Comb Queen on hand to add some height. And I love it!
How I got these shoes is kind of a funny story (and in no way horror related). They belonged to a friend's relative that I met at a wedding and I complimented her on them, as is my way. She was so flattered that at the end of the night she took them off her own feet and gifted them to me. Before I could protest, she emptied out the matching bag and gave me that too. What a (possibly drunk) absolute sweetheart! She didn't chase me down for them the next day at breakfast so I hope she didn't regret it afterwards... It's nice to be nice.

2.) What's your favourite horror film?
Honestly, I'm a big scaredy cat and I don't do well with horror. I have to watch them in daylight, with a friend and a cushion to hide behind. Frankly Ms Shankly is terrifying me with her horror film project right now but also kind of getting me in the mood.

3.) What's your favourite costume you have worn?
When I was a first year at secondary school, my mum and aunt spent ages making me a Morticia Addams costume for the school disco. They made a full length dress in black velvet with bat sleeves and creepy tendrils at the bottom. It had a coat hanger base to keep the shape so I had to shuffle around. It was so good that my friends didn't recognise me when I arrived and I won second prize in the costume competition. I absolutely loved it.

4.) What is your dream costume?
I always seem to dress as a boy or cartoon- I've been Peter Pan, a robot, one of the powerpuff girls, so I think for once I would quite like to be something pretty, girly. I'm sure I could be a great Marilyn Monroe. Although the girls think I'd make a better Myra Hyndlay...

5.) How do you normally spend Halloween? And what was your best Halloween?
My family love Halloween so I try to get home and spend it with them- giving sweets out to the neighbours and playing silly party games like eating donuts off strings and ducking for apples (except we drop a fork into the water from our mouths and try to spear them). Now my three sisters are all grown ups they're it's not so fun. 

6.) Have you ever heard things go bump in the night?
For sure! I have so many good ghost stories since I moved to Edinburgh, you wouldn't believe. I have seen, heard and felt many weird things- and that's without even going into the catacombs! It really is a haunted city...

Photography by Ross Bull

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