Monday, 20 October 2014

Unlikely Horror Icon: Miss West End Girl

Since half the fun of Halloween is getting all dressed up, we couldn't resist some special horror themed Unlikely Style Icons. Now this isn't about creating a costume (though we are all for that), it's about taking inspiration from an unusual source to create a killer outfit. All of us #halloweengirlgang gals picked our characters and got to work pulling together our looks using items from our wardrobes. It's safe to say we came up with a good mix of icons, from sinister to scary to down right slimey. We also thought this would be the perfect opportunity to know our guests- and what makes them jump- a little bit better:

image source       
Dress | Ted Baker
Boots | New Look
Bag | New Look
Tights | Primark
Ghost brooch | handmade
Earrrings | Dark Star by Georgia Wiseman
Pizza fascinator | Alternate Normality
Glasses | vintage, borrowed from Miss Vicky Viola

1.) Why did you choose your Unlikely horror icon?
I chose Slimer to be my unlikely horror icon because, let's face it - we have a lot in common. We both have a thing for bright colours, we'd both rather be silly than scare people, and we're both always wondering when it's going to be time to eat a sandwich again! When I slipped on my (s)lime green Ted Baker dress and grabbed my burger clutch it was clear I'd made the right choice! 

2.) What's your favourite horror film?
 Oh, don't make me choose, girl! Well, I have many - so I will just pick a few out! I like The Shining, because it's so iconic and Jack Nicholson is the perfect maniac. I also find a lot of J-Horror films to be genuinely terrifying, like Ringu, A Tale of Two Sisters, etc! Finally, I am a huge Rob Zombie fan and I think that his films - although not so scary - are brilliant fun, real gore-fests created by a fellow lover of horror films. 

3.) What's your favourite costume you have worn?
When I was a kid my mum made me a dalmation costume for Halloween and I remember feeling like the bees knees in it! 

4.) What is your dream costume?
I would love to dress in full Day Of The Dead theme, complete with sugar skull make up! Creepy and colourful, just the way I like it! 

5.) How do you normally spend Halloween? And what was your best Halloween?
I normally spend Halloween throwing our annual film marathon at home, with our best friends and oodles of junk food. We carve pumpkins, dress in theme and have a specially-curated playlist. It's my favourite way to spend Halloween. Every year is the best! 

6.) Have you ever heard things go bump in the night?
Yes, but I'm only telling you if we're sitting around a campfire and I have a torch under my chin!! 

Ooooh, sounds intriguing! Thanks so much Lynsay.
You can catch Lynsay over at her blog, Miss West End Girl.

Photography by Ross Bull.

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