Friday, 28 November 2014

November Round Up


Doing: everyone seems to be joining the Zomato party at the moment so when they contacted em and Helen we thought we'd hear them out. In a nutshell, it's an app to help you choose where to eat- a local foodie directory with recommendations and tons of detailed information about each place. Although we aren't food bloggers we eat out whenever we get together so we've made our way round a lot of the city. Anyone who knows me knows how terrible I am at choosing what to eat and drink. My catchphrase should be "What're you having? I'll have the same" so this app will be pretty handy for me. I love their focus on independent restaurants and it has a brilliant recommendation list of 'hidden gems' to get you out and about- and you can update your own food journey, which is perfect for those of us who love to photograph our plates! *cough*Helen*cough*

Watching: I stumbled across Lawless on telly while I was waiting for my hairdye to work its granny rinse magic. I only intended to watch ten minutes but I gt totally sucked in. Most probably because I suddenly noticed Tom Hardy- hello! The film was quite good too.

Buying: As soon as I saw the pre-release photos of these Vintage Style Me glitter party dresses on instagram I was hooked. Normally I would probably choose the blue but there was something about this pink number that reminds me of a beloved Christmas party frock from my childhood. I had to have it! And now I just need a party to wear it too...

Clicking: our Facebook page! we have finally got round to setting up our blog's own Facebook page- woooh! Initially we hadn't thought one was necessary but a lot of our readers (especially friends IRL) aren't bloggers themselves and so don't have a bloglovin' account etc. to follow us. It's working out to be a great way to reach them without constantly spamming everyone else we know on our personal accounts.

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Doing: I've been getting a look at some beauty treatments at Yuu Beauty and Sobo Hair Boutique. I went along to their Festive event for some fizz, mince pies and a look at what they have to offer in this season of pampering and preening. I have to say the event got me right into the Christmas spirit with festive songs playing and lots of sparkle about. It was interesting to get a closer look at the treatments available and, while some may be a bit extreme for me, I definitely liked the look of the HD Brows and would have loved to get stuck into the nail bar.

Watching: With my recent trip to Edinburgh coinciding with Kimberley moving house, my usual B&B was not available. Luckily I know some pretty lovely people and the very kind Miss Vicky Viola put me up for the weekend. One of my favourite things about hanging out with Vicky is that she loves horror films as much as me, so we spent Friday night watching the original Psycho. The score is a classic and Norman Bates is one creepy dude.

Buying: Christmas presents! I finally made a start on my own #shopsmallxmas and picked up a few gifts while visiting Edinburgh last weekend. I managed to resist the urge to buy all the pretty things for myself and ticked a few things off Santas list. My little shopping trail took me around the Grassmarket, popping into Hannah Zakari, Black Box Boutique, The Red Door Gallery and Godiva. I also ventured to the Scotland RE:DESIGNED Limited Edition pop up at Ocean Terminal and took in The Brotique's last day in their Saint Stephen Street store (don't worry they opened their brand spanking new one on Queen St just yesterday).

Clicking: My fellow Gala graduate and all round talented fashion lady Natalie Riachi launched RIACHI STUDIO, which is all about creative expression and collaboration. The first collection  features amazing digital prints for Spring/ Summer 2015, showcased in a look book which is full of beautiful, clean and creative images. I especially love the clutch bag in the above image and can't wait to see what else is in store for Natalie and RIACHI STUDIO.

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