Monday, 3 November 2014

October Round Up

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Doing: Sailing the seven seas! Well not quite. I took a few days out from style to don a sensible fleece and put my knot-tying skills to good use on a canal boat. My Favourite and our friends traveled up the Falkirk Wheel and made it all the way to Ratho and back in four days. Considering that's a 35 minute car journey we had a near miracle at 3mph through a hurricane. Mostly because between the four of us- a steering qualification, a sailing certificate, a pilot, a former lifeguard,- we nearly made an entire sailor. We are basically Captain Planet in navy form!

Buying: I won a runner up prize in Bloody Mary Metal's Instagram giveaway - she's so generous!- and I got this awesome tooth charm threadbare and DIY nail decals that were already on my wishlist. Yay! Plus the package came with a ring sizer so I can finally order the Lonely Bone ring I've wanted since forever.

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Doing: October has been an amazing month, probably my favourite of the year so far! It has been packed with Halloween adventures, blogger events and little holidays. We'll be catching up with a lot of this stuff over the coming weeks but one thing worth mentioning is a couple of nights I spent in a vintage fire truck. Over the last few years I've organised unusual trips for Ross' birthday and I think this was probably the strangest destination so far. I'm not going to lie, it was a tad chilly. We still had a great time exploring the Aviemore area, staring at stars and snuggling up with hot chocolate. I discovered this accommodation on the website Canopy & Stars, which is full of fun places to stay.

Watching: With Halloween at the end of the month, a lot of October was spent indulging in horror movies. From classics like House on Haunted Hill, to 80's slashers like Maniac and kids animations like ParaNorman, it's been a movie filled month. Of course the best of the bunch has to be our Halloween fashion film Where My Witches At?. I may be a bit biased though.

Buying: I treated myself quite a bit during this past month. I really should be saving for Christmas but there are just too many pretty things out there! At the start of the month I added to my Karen Mabon collection with her limited edition Glasgow scarf, visit to Hannah Zakari in the middle of the month had me leaving with a Stay Home Club tshirt that I've been after for ages and then just days ago I got my hands on the Abandon Ship birthday/Halloween tee. I really am rather good to myself.

Clicking: I haven't read a book in months and I am continually struggling to come up with something interesting for our reading section of the Round Up posts. So I've deciding to change it to 'Clicking' instead so that I can feature things that have caught my attention online. This month I've been waiting in anticipation to see Bloody Mary Metals new Winterspell collection. There have been little teasers on Instagram and Facebook all month and yesterday the collection went live. There are definitely a couple of items that will be on my Christmas list for sure!

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