Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Styled by Kimberley: Brat & Suzie

Jumper | c/o Brat and Suzie
Leggings | Topshop
Hat | Topshop
Boots | DUO
Bag | Topshop
Pompom | River Island

Recently I've been in a bit of a funk. Moving house, working long hours and general laziness has led to me living an accessory-free life in plain monochrome. Bleugh. On attempting to break this bad cycle, I've found myself in accessory overload. Welcome to my pompom obsession.

I like to think I toned it down by missing out my rabbit tail mittens but I am in love with my oversized River Island pink pompom. Not so much an accessory as an inanimate pet, it serves absolutely no purpose (so stop asking) except to look fluffy. I like to stroke it while I'm sitting on the bus, or just walking around. Now I know that the French for pom pom is "pompon", Japanese is "ponpon", Spanish is "pompĆ³n" because everywhere Pompom and I go, people talk about it... Or perhaps about me... What is Italian for "What's with that weird girl groping her pompom?"

Although we had fun shooting (as only we can) it was bloody freezing and wet. To keep the chill at bay I paired Giant Pompom with a fluffy pompom hat and my new sweater from Brat and Suzie. The wolf totally gets me- he's even out-bobbling me in his hat. I got it in a larger size for a slouchy fit but it's quite generous- and it's SO warm. Already got my eye on the Aztec Stag (obviously I like this design- I bought Helen the tshirt version!) and not one but two different penguin designs. For once I was trying to be casual but Brat and Suzie also have some great ideas for glamming up their designs. Obviously I won't have a problem with this at all. I love a ladylike look!

I also wore a new boot and bag combo- both new. This wasn't my first outing in my new DUO boots but they are so comfy that I'm pretty much living in them at the moment. Hence the dirt already!
The bag was a little pick-me-up from said funk. You can always tell when I'm making a beeline for Toppers that I am in the mood to shop. Even though I'm trying to shop more independent labels I can always find something in Topshop to lift my mood. This cute little clutch version of a carpet bag was completely adorable, has a great texture and fits all the essentials. A perfect wee extra!

Now, I'll get back to my pompom love.


Thanks as always to our bestest photographer Ross Bull.

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