Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 Outfit Round Up: Helen

2014 has been a huge year for us, and Helen has had some huge outfits. Compare last year's Outfit Round Up to today's, you can see the style evolution in 2014 in fast-forward.
The biggest change of all has to be Helen's hair. Getting more and more ginger across the calendar, it is now a vibrant vermilion and she took it a whole sass further with her 1920s cut from Miss Dixiebelles. A real girl crush cut!
This is my favourite outfit for the hair:

 photo Helen1_zps2d06a345.jpg

Here's a look at some of Helen's other most covetable looks:
 photo PicMonkeyHelen1_zps5f573917.jpg
I love Helen's cutesy girly looks the best. The vintage playsuit she wore to Vintage Glasgow was just too darned adorable with her favourite Karen Mabon scarf and brooch. Everything about Helen's Birthday Outing outfit was on point- the victory rolls, Katze necklace, fluffy on tulle texture and dem nails! And who could forget the little ants she hand-painted onto this picnic blanket dress for the Etsy Craft Party? So sweet.

 photo PicMonkey2_zps3ea2d5b2.jpg
Carrying on from last year's theme is Helen's matchy matchy colour blocking. She nearly always sticks to a clean palette of white or black and then uses a bold colour pop or pattern to make her outfits stand out. A classic combination that works 100% of the time, all the time.

First is this full monochrome look for a casual day out at the Edinburgh Festival. I liked each piece individually but they are an easy outfit that works. Really works. She took colour blocking to the max with a triple hit of red for Valentine's Day. But her Christmas shopping look is one of my favourites- you can't go wrong with a dinosaur dress!

Looking back through this year's outfits, I realised that there are lots of pieces in Helen's wardrobe that I'd forgotten about. That's a new pile added to the To Borrow list. Can't wait to see what she pulls out in 2015!

 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg


  1. Dear Helen and Kimberley, I'm really glad to have found you both as fellow Edinburgh-based bloggers and also love your funky and quirky styling.

    Im a current masters fashion marketing student here (having finished by undergraduate degree as well in Edinburgh uni in 2013) . I have run my own fashion blog for 1 year and just about to start it again in the Uk after a hiatus as I was busy with moving. Im also a self-taught wired jewellery designer so when I found an article featuring you on mint and chillies photography I was delighted to find another Edinburgh based jewellery designer! I hope we can meet and become blogger friends and even do collaborations. Please contact me through my blog or find me on facebook:

    Hope to talk to you both soon and keep up the great work!


    1. Aww thanks Christine! Always nice to come across new bloggers, especially when they're so close to home :) Would be great to meet up, we'll definitely be in touch. H&K x